They have drunk and after a rainy walk house, they hook up.

They have drunk and after a rainy walk house, they hook up.

In order by LapisLazuli (E, 47,118 w. || Threesome – M/M/M, Voyeurism, Breath Play, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Light Dom/sub, Slight Dubcon) – Lestrade walks into a supposedly empty room at St. Bart’s Hospital and sees something he would not expect. A lot more surprising is their own response.

Fun Between Friends by lockedin221b (E, 2562 w. || Threesome – M/M/M, Fuckbuddies) – Sherlock and Lestrade are fuck friends. John walks in to them after Sarah dumps him, plus they ask him to become listed on. “Greg slapped their knees before dealing with their legs. “Well, should you ever like to jump in with us sometime. ”John crossed their arms. “Is that a significant offer? ””

Poster Boys by peevee (E, 2545 w. || Age Difference, Teacher-Student sort of relationship, kinda underage, Threesome – M/M/M, dual Penetration) – this 1 is hot, but may possibly not be everyone’s cup tea because of ethical/moral problems. Sherlock and John are 16 (which will be the chronilogical age of consent within the UK). These are typically boyfriends at summer time camp, and additionally they seduce 30 yr old Lestrade that is one of many camp leaders. I believe regulations in the united kingdom is everyone has got to be over 18 if there’s somebody in a posture of authority, or perhaps in a way accountable for the teens. But I allow that one slip given that it’s fiction and it’s the teenagers that seduce Lestrade, perhaps maybe perhaps not one other means around. If that does not frustrate you, then this fic is seriously fucking hot.


Places Seen and Sights Overheard by MuteBanana (E, 4520 & 3827 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, Voyeurism) Sights Seen – Molly satisfies John in a Pub and witnesses a demonstrably Sherlock-caused break-up. They have drunk and following live free sex a rainy walk house, they connect. Contrary to their thinking, Sherlock is perhaps perhaps not away for a case, though. Places Overheard – one after the other, Molly, Sherlock and John get up after an eventful evening. (OMFG both of these fics are so fucking hot! )

Red Triangle by PetraTodd (E, 3873 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, Voyeurism) – Sherlock and John need a lady to get undercover with at an intercourse celebration. They just just simply take Molly and also extremely hot intercourse at the celebration hosts.

Three of a sort by Jobabe (E, 10589 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, Polyamory, Double Penetration) – Molly walks in on John and Sherlock in a romantic moment…three differing times, three various AUs. Each and every time, two associated with the three understand ahead of time that Molly will walk in and shock the 3rd. (So fucking hot! )

Merry xmas Molly Hooper by Jobabe (E, 5768 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, Polyamory) – AU for the Christmas celebration scene in ASiB. John comforts Molly after Sherlock upsets her. Sherlock apologises to Molly once more, and also the three retire for the night together.

Work Night by achray (E, 9100 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, PWP) Sherlock and John make an effort to seduce Molly by having her stroll in on it snogging when you look at the lab. She does not obtain the hint, so that they invite her to 221b for the threesome.

Using Advantage by darklockd (E, 4843 w. || Threesome – M/F/M, cheating/infidelity, mentions of drug use, dubcon-ish?, BDSM, Dom Molly, riding crop) – John knows Sherlock won’t let him perform some what to him that John really wants to do, but “Shezza” will. This might be an AU where no body reaches Sherlock’s destination whenever John brings him home following the medication test, so no Janine or Mycroft, simply John and Sherlock and John’s dirty thoughts. John fucks “Shezza” and then Molly joins them for many BDSM fun. Molly punishes Sherlock when it comes to medications, and John for cheating on Mary.


DNA by Resonant (E, 10680 w. || Sherlock/OFCs, Sherlock/John/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, Pining, lots of het-sex) Sherlock operates an impregnation solution. Smart, effective women who desire to have a child, go to Sherlock for intercourse within the hopes of conceiving a smart youngster. Sherlock takes the ladies somewhere else for sex, but returns to John for cuddles a short while later. One girl convinces John to become listed on in at one point. John pines for Sherlock throughout, but there is however a pleased, johnlock ending.

003 by tepidspongebath (E, 5516 w. || John/OFC, Sherlock/John/OFC || Threesome – M/F/M, First Time, Virgin Sherlock) – Sherlock Holmes is certainly not amazed whenever returns to get John Watson in a very compromising place with a woman. He could be amazed as he is invited to become listed on them. John assists him through their first-time.