Programs support that is offering safer partying. Safer harm and sex decrease guidelines

Programs support that is offering safer partying. Safer harm and sex decrease guidelines

You will need to point out that not all the guys whom PnP experience undesireable effects from their medication usage. Some males indulge in PnP sessions sporadically, utilize it to improve the type of intercourse they desire and they are in a position to consist of it included in no or limited young big butt porn harms to their life.

You can find wide range of techniques for males who PnP that will reduce HIV, hepatitis C and STI transmission:

  • If guys are utilizing condoms during extensive intercourse sessions with one partner, the condoms must be changed regularly and lube must certanly be frequently put on lessen the danger of condom breaks. A fresh condom should really be used in combination with each brand new partner.
  • If condoms aren’t utilized, lube should always be plentifully and regularly used in lowering discomfort of this rectal liner and penis.
  • Lube must also be plentifully and regularly requested fisting. A glove that is new be properly used for every single fisting partner.
  • HIV-negative gbMSM who PnP might be good prospects for PrEP.
  • HIV-negative gbMSM who PnP might be good prospects for post-exposure prophylaxis (nPEP) after an exposure that is potential HIV.
  • Guys on PrEP and men that are HIV-positive HIV therapy can set alarms or program text message reminders on the smart phones to remind them to simply just just take their pills on time. And yes it is really a good clear idea for people to simply take ample pills in a capsule package to make certain they usually have an adequate supply in cases where a PnP session continues longer than anticipated.
  • For males whom inject medications, it is critical to always utilize brand new needles and other injecting gear.
  • When you look at the context for the ongoing crisis that is overdose Canada, guys might want to make use of medication checking services to find out what exactly is within their medications and also to verify that the medications have not been cut with fentanyl, which could result in an overdose.
  • Regular HIV, hepatitis C and STI assessment is preferred, specifically for males sex that is having numerous lovers. Testing for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis takes a bloodstream test. A urine test is necessary, as well as testing at anatomical sites depending on the types of sexual activity for gonorrhea and chlamydia. This means males that are at risk through dental intercourse ought to be tested with a neck swab, and people in danger through receptive anal intercourse should get a swab that is rectal. To identify asymptomatic STIs in gbMSM, it’s important that all these tests are carried out regularly.


Information for gbMSM who party and play

Toronto Vibe – safer drug usage information for gbMSM whom party – French on the web resource from REZO for gbMSM who would like to deal with their drug and alcohol usage plus the relationship among these substances with their intercourse life.

The High lifestyle – an on-line information resource about club and celebration drugs from Health Initiative for males (HIM)

If the ParTy’s Over? – HIM’s on line information resource for males whom utilize crystal meth

Safer intercourse

8 questions regarding PrEP for Guys – Basic information about pre-exposure prophylaxis for gbMSM

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Zak Knowles is CATIE’s Manager, On The Web Information and Publications. Before arriving at CATIE, he worked being an HIV counsellor at straight forward Clinic, a intimate wellness hospital in downtown Toronto.

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