Late Nevada Pioneer Kirk Kerkorian Fulfills 'Promise' to Expose Armenian Genocide

Late Nevada Pioneer Kirk Kerkorian Fulfills ‘Promise’ to Expose Armenian Genocide

The estate of belated billionaire Kirk Kerkorian is staying true to the businessman and philanthropist’s promise to bring the disputed Armenian genocide to your screen that is big.

The belated Las Vegas casino mogul Kirk Kerkorian earmarked $100 million of his own fortune to make a film about the alleged genocide that is armenian.

Kerkorian, very important figures in developing Las Vegas because it’s known today, passed away in 2015 at the age of 98 with an estimated net worth of $4 billion. But before he passed, the former majority owner of MGM Resorts pledged $100 million to make a movie that highlighted the horrific events that occurred between 1915 and 1923 in Armenia.

The Ottoman government systematically exterminated some 1.5 million Armenians over a span of roughly eight years. But its successor, the Republic of Turkey, denies genocide ever took place.

Funded by Kerkorian, ‘The Promise’ is a new movie that sets out to bring the Armenian conflict to theaters across the nation. It tells the fictional tale of the love triangle place that is taking 1915 Armenia.

The movie is directed by Terry George, whose credits include ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ the 2004 drama that managed the Rwanda genocide, and movie stars Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, and Charlotte LeBon.

‘The film is a love story set in the 1st World War in Turkey at the beginning of and through the Armenian genocide,’ George recently toldThe Huffington Post.

Passion Project

Many nations around the globe continue to refuse to publicly label the Armenia massacres as genocide, nor has A us that is sitting president. Turkey can be an important ally to America due its positioning in the Middle East.

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama stated during his presidential campaign he would call it genocide, however the 44th president failed to surpass that promise.

Kerkorian was born in Ca to immigrants of Armenian origin. He would go on to become an incredibly successful businessman who helped build Sin City and its famed Strip though he dropped out of school in eighth grade.

Along with architect Martin Stern Jr, Kerkorian is known for creating the ‘mega-resort’ concept in Las Vegas. After purchasing a 40 per cent stage in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1969, the iconic and Hollywood that is revered film, Kerkorian leveraged the brand to vegas in creating MGM Resorts.

He thrice built the entire world’s hotel that is largest, all three being in Las Vegas. He ended up being responsible for the International Hotel (now Westgate), MGM Grand Hotel (now Bally’s Las Vegas), and MGM Grand.

Pitching Hollywood

George states despite attracting Bale to the project, and a $100 million spending plan, Hollywood showed little to no desire for dispersing ‘The Promise.’ Mike Medavoy Productions, the namesake company of this former TriStar Pictures and Orion Pictures executive, finally agreed to circulate the movie.

‘The Promise’ will hit select theaters on April 21.

Medavoy is betting against his Hollywood constituents in that a movie about genocide can nevertheless turn a profit. ‘Hotel Rwanda’ definitely did, though its budget had been simply $17.5 million. The movie, which garnered Don Cheadle a Best Actor nomination at the Academy Awards, taken in nearly $23.5 million at the box office domestically.

Massachusetts’ Proposed Casino Liquor License Extension Causes Hangover

In Massachusetts, a proposal to give casino alcohol licenses to 4am is wetting no one’s whistle. In fact, no one even seems sure where it came from.

Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg is ‘not a fan’ of extending casino alcohol licenses to 4am, whoever the hell’s idea it had been. (Image:

The proposal has been written into the homely House budget plan but by who is unclear. The only casino that is current operation in the state is Plainridge Park, a slots facility that started in 2015.

But based on the Sun Chronicle, Plainridge did not sweet-talk any lawmakers into adding an alcohol extension into the budget. On the other hand, the operator is completely happy with the present state of affairs, which permits it to provide booze until 2am.

Planridge, in fact, switches the pumps off an hour or so prior to when that, presumably because it doesn’t wish drunks piling into the casino as soon as the regional bars near at 1am.

So, if not Plainridge, then who, because we’re fairly certain the neighborhood Methodists aren’t behind it.

The Strange World of the Statehouse

‘As with many things into the strange world that is the Statehouse, folks aren’t sure how a provision got into the budget or whom requested it,’ composed a mystified Sun Chronicle.

‘Local state representatives stated they didn’t know anything about it,’ it adds unhappily.

Maybe those two multinational casino leaders, MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts, who have each invested billions of dollars in the state and are also currently building Massachusetts’ first two multi-billion-dollar integrated resorts, might be able to throw some light regarding the subject.

Well, no, apparently they don’t understand who lobbied the House to extend the liquor license either, since the Sun Chronicle asked them in addition they did not respond. So a mystery it remains.

Keeping Unwholesome Hours

Regardless of who’s behind it, Senate President Stan Rosenberg is extremely much not behind it.

‘ I’m not a fan of this idea,’ he declared to reporters. ‘about it, there aren’t much time whenever they can’t serve liquor. if you believe’

Rosenberg has indeed thought about this, worked out some math that is quick a napkin, and calculated that the four hours between 4am and 8am during which casinos would not be allowed to provide booze equals unwholesome.

‘I know that is a practice that is common most states,’ he conceded. ‘I do recognize that. But we made a ‘values’ judgement within the Commonwealth whenever we debated that we were maybe not likely to go down that path.

‘First one little change, then another little change, then another little change and, it, the Commonwealth loses control of the industry,’ he said before you know.

Just as one little drink, leads to another little drink, then another small drink and, it, you lose control of your tenuous grasp of optimal blackjack strategy before you know.

MGM Resorts Ramps Up Fight No-Bid Connecticut Tribal Gaming Expansion

MGM Resorts is in Connecticut this trying to make its case against the state giving the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Native American tribes permission to build a satellite casino in East Windsor week.

MGM Resorts Senior Vice President Uri Clinton told Connecticut lawmakers that their company is thinking about bidding on a gaming license in hawaii. (Image: Christine Stuart/CT News)

The partnership that is tribal justifiably concerned that MGM’s $950 million resort in Springfield, Massachusetts, will siphon gaming dollars from Connecticut’s two casinos. Springfield is only kilometers across the Connecticut border in southern Massachusetts.

The proposed web site associated with the joint tribal expansion project in East Windsor is just 13 miles from MGM Springfield. The Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun owners say Connecticut should authorize the satellite facility in order to protect jobs and tax income.

But in the Hartford capital this week, MGM argued the state requires to be ‘fair and transparent,’ and insists that when Connecticut wants to permit a gaming that is third, the method should be open to outside bidders.

During a gathering of hawaii’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, MGM revealed it is interested in building in the southwestern part of Connecticut. The business also said the state should think about every one of its choices, and not only the main one being pitched by the tribes.

‘ In a competitive environment individuals put their best foot forward. Maybe Not the foot that saves them the many money or benefits them,’ MGM professional Uri Clinton told the committee.

MGM has launched a lobbying website to support its cause, and has produced a 30-second marketing spot that highlights the alleged downsides of the gaming expansion effort that is tribal.

Big Bluff

Not everyone is sold that MGM is truly thinking about building a casino in Connecticut. Alternatively, some have the Nevada-based conglomerate is wanting to delay the authorization of this East Windsor satellite casino so its Springfield resort can start in 2018 free from any competition that is neighboring.

‘we am maybe not fully confident that MGM is interested in building a casino here in Connecticut,’ Rep. Chris Davis (R-Ellington) explained.

Permitting a competitive bidding process for a third casino in Connecticut would be no easy task.

The state would basically be forced to rewrite its commercial gaming laws and regulations, which might need voter approval through a constitutional referendum. Connecticut’s gaming compact with the two tribes, which mandates they share 25 percent of their slot and table game revenue aided by the state, would also be at risk.

That’s why Rep. John Fonfara (D-Hartford) thinks its best bet is to go with the tribes’ proposal.

‘ Much associated with testimony thus far is about if you have had a bird in the hand and you’ve had a bird in the hand for quite some time and benefited from that bird and now we are being dazzled by the potential of another thing,’ Fonfara said, as reported by theHartford Courant. ‘ That doesn’t leave a complete lot of individuals comfortable for the reason that we should grab for something shinier and get something even worse.’

Empirical Choice

MGM says Connecticut, if it wants to safeguard gaming revenue, should highly think about authorizing a casino in the part that is southwestern of start near the New York edge. Lawmakers, however, don’t believe it could work.

A ban on New York City having a casino is scheduled to expire in 2020, so when it does, numerous believe the state will motion to enable some kind of gaming to come to the the big apple.

The committee tasked with deciding the path forward for the third Connecticut casino will carry on its discussions month that is next.

IGT to Sell Double Down Social Casino to DoubleU Games in $825 Million Deal

International slot and lottery giant IGT has announced the purchase of its social casino subsidiary Double Down to South Korean games designer DoubleU Games in a deal well worth $825 million.

IGT is to sell Double Down Casino for $825 million, having acquired the firm in 2012 for $500 million. It’ll remain active in the casino that is social, however, working closely in partnership with Double Down’s new owner DoubleU. (Image: Double Down Casino)

The sale will mark the establishment of a strategic partnership between the two companies, as they come right into a game development, circulation and services contract which will see them collaborate to enhance ‘player experiences’ within gambling and social gaming.

DoubleU Games will also be able to provide IGT’s extensive casino game library on its combined social casino platforms, in trade for ongoing royalties to IGT.

Social Gaming Explosion

‘After many years of strong, natural growth and increasingly attractive valuation levels, the time is appropriate for us to maximise the value of the asset for our investors,’ said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT in a update to investors. ‘ We are going to continue participating in the development of the casino that is social through our multi-year, strategic partnership with DoubleU Games.’

Ga-Ram Kim, CEO of DoubleU Games, meanwhile, praised the forming of a ‘unique and partnership that is value-accretive which imbued him with confidence about his company’s future as a ‘global leader in social casino.’

IGT acquired Double Down in 2012 for $500 million, the incidentally, DoubleU was founded year. This was the height associated with the gaming that is social and the Double Down social casino suite was, at the time, typically the most popular social casino on Facebook and the fourth most popular Facebook game overall.

Caesars Cashes In

A 12 months earlier, Caesars Interactive Entertainment had raised eyebrows by acquiring Playtika, a small israeli start-up with just 10 employees, for $90 million, with the head of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Mitch Garber, declaring that Caesars’ long-lasting ambition to become ‘the number one in casino and social games on Facebook.’

Under Garber’s stewardship, Playtika did just that, supplanting Double Down as the earth’s best casino that is social. This past year Caesars sold Playtika to a consortium that is chinese an exceptional $4.4 billion, a $4.31 billion profits on return. It was a sum that aided Caesars move its primary operating unit out of bankruptcy, and also this week Garber was rewarded having a $210 million pay package.

IGT’s ROI on might not be quite therefore outstanding, but, like Caesars IGT has eye-popping debts, currently standing at about $7 billion. The company said it would make use of the proceeds through the purchase for financial obligation reduction, also general purposes that are corporate. IGT said it expects the transaction to be completed by Q2 2017.

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