John Ozbilgen likely choked Stephanie Parze during intercourse or battle, ex claims

John Ozbilgen likely choked Stephanie Parze during intercourse or battle, ex claims

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A previous gf of John Ozbilgen — whom committed committing suicide as he had been eyed in Stephanie Parze’s disappearance — suspects her ex choked this new Jersey nanny to death during intercourse or perhaps a battle, based on a unique report.

The girl — who talked into the Asbury Park Press in the condition of anonymity — told the paper that Ozbilgen choked her numerous times. It just happened while having sex, and ended up being consensual, she stated, but he’d additionally usually choke her into unconsciousness during arguments.

She said she thinks Ozbilgen, 29, did the exact same to Parze, 25.

“I think it had been either while having sex or during a quarrel her and meant for her to go unconscious for a few seconds, ” the woman said that he most likely choked.

She said she’s gone away from her option to assist authorities making use of their research into Parze’s disappearance.

“I told the authorities, ‘If she’s missing, it is almost certainly because John killed her, ’” she stated. “I additionally told the authorities, because he is so sick. ‘If he did it, I don’t think you’ll find her’”

The ex-girlfriend additionally stated she saw Ozbilgen each day after Parze’s Oct. 30 disappearance — in which he had an extended scab on their throat that seemed to be the width of the girl’s nail that is fake.

“I’ve seen him have sexual intercourse scratch marks, ” the ex-girlfriend told the Press. “I’ve given them to him. This 1 had been much different. We really went as much as him and stated, ‘John, that’s maybe perhaps not from intercourse. That’s really, actually bad. ‘”

But Ozbilgen quickly dismissed any questioning that is further she stated.

“Rough night, ” he presumably responded. “Don’t ask. ”

Stephanie Parze and John Ozbilgen Twitter

“He said he previously a rough evening and that the cops had been likely to be calling me rather than to state anything bad about him, ” the ex-girlfriend recalled. “He buys steroids that are illegal he stalked an ex-girlfriend recently, he strikes girls, he drives recklessly. It was thought by me has been anything. ”

Within the times after Parze’s disappearance, Ozbilgen never indicated any concern on her behalf — and just groused about authorities investigating him and confiscating their phone and automobile, the lady told the Press.

“He didn’t show any emotion or sympathy on her behalf, ” the ex-girlfriend stated. “He never ever stated, ‘I hope she’s OK. ‘”

The lady told the paper she began dating Ozbilgen in June and stayed buddies after they broke off the relationship months later with him even.

They saw one another just about any until Nov. 8, when Ozbilgen was busted on a child porn possession charge day.

“I knew he had been ill, although not like that, ” the girl stated. “I knew he liked sex that is rough certain, but I was thinking just with grownups. We never ever thought he had been into young ones and infants. ”


She told the paper that Ozbilgen had started actually abusing her about fourteen days in their relationship — and straight straight straight back on 17, he had dragged her by her hair outside his Freehold home june. She withdrew the issue because she couldn’t manage to reach the Freehold Township court from her Staten Island house.

“He had been really scary and rude. Extremely selfish and violent. A person. A rather bad individual, ” the previous gf stated. “He utilized girls for intercourse. He’d lie in their mind for intercourse. Ladies had been useless to him beyond sex. ”

The night of her disappearance, Parze, a nanny and beautician, choose to go to see medium that is psychic Kaza’s show in the Stress Factory Comedy Club in brand New Brunswick along with her mom, three siblings as well as other feminine family members.

She kissed her mother good evening and then drove the seven kilometers back to her home around 10:30 p.m., giving a Snapchat picture of by by by herself on route house.

Her moms and dads, Edward and Sharlene Parze, stated they discovered Stephanie’s car inside her driveway and her phone inside her couch — but haven’t heard from her since the Snapchat photo.

Then on Nov. 22, Ozbilgen — who had been under research by authorities — hanged himself in his parents’ storage.

“I am devastated for Stephanie and her friends and family, ” their ex-girlfriend told the Press. “My blood comes when we consider the reality on their way to avoid it, he couldn’t have offered her household closing. ”

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