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Whether you're looking for a party snack, a crispy to munch or some quick light bites to perk up your day, you'll find them all here. Treat your taste buds to some delicious, all-weather recipes from our 'yummy snacks' section. You'll love making them - and of course, eating them too!


To ensure that your pasta absorbs the flavour of the sauce, toss the cooked pasta immediately after draining the water. Cooked pasta absorbs flavour best when hot. 

Recipes For Mom-To-Be

Making healthy choices can get tough when you're pregnant. Especially, it's the time when your cravings are weird. But then, all the compromises you make now will help in the long run. All that you eat, ultimately benefits your baby. So don't ever cringe on those health foods. Choose from ourwide platter of wholesome, nutritious and delicious recipes. You'll simply love them!
Bean sprouts and veggie wraps

Bean Sprouts and Veggie Wrap
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Green potato

Green Potato
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Beans and veggie soup

Wholesome Beans and Vegetables Soup
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Vegetable idli

Vegetable Idli
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Tomato soup

Creamy Tomato Soup
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Greens and dal

Greens Dal
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Fish kabab pulav

Fish Kabab Pulav
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Chicken sweet corn soup

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup
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Carrot rice

Carrot Rice
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Methi pulav

Methi Pulao
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