To ensure that your pasta absorbs the flavour of the sauce, toss the cooked pasta immediately after draining the water. Cooked pasta absorbs flavour best when hot. 

Spring Rolls

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Ingredients for the covering:

  • 1 Cup Maida/Flour
  • 2tsp Maida/Flour, mix with water to a paste
  • 14 tsp Baking Powder
  • 2tsp Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil for deep-frying

Ingredients for the filling

  • 500gms Cabbage
  • 250gms Carrot
  • 200gms Capsicum
  • 1 Bunch of Spring Onion Scallions
  • 12 tsp Aginomoto
  • 12 Cup Soya Sauce
  • 2tsp Sugar
  • 2tsp Chili Sauce
  • 1tbsp Oil
  • Salt to taste


  • The outer covering can be prepared using Maida/flour.
  • Mix maida, salt, baking powder, oil and using water knead into dough.
  • Divide dough into balls and roll out each one into a thin circle.
  • Roast each circle for a minute or two let it not become crisp.
  • Dice cabbage, capsicum and onion finely, grate carrot.
  • Mix vegetables with aginomoto and mix well.
  • Add salt, sugar, soya sauce and chili Sauce and cook for 3 minutes on high flame.
  • Remove and let it cool.
  • Fill vegetable mixture on the Wanton sheet or the maida/flour bread and roll it tightly.
  • Seal the edges using the Maida/Flour paste.
  • Heat Oil in a wok and deep-fry them till golden brown and crisp.
  • Remove on the kitchen towel and cut each roll into three pieces and serve hot.
  • Add Kheema or boiled Chicken for Non-Veg option

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