Maternity Clothes Shopping

Maternity clothes

When your belly expands beyond your baggiest salwars, you know it’s time to shop for maternity clothes. Today, with the wide range of clothes available, it’s not difficult to get through pregnancy in style.

Choosing The Right Bra

An increase in breast size is most often one of the early signs of pregnancy. Some women also feel “tenderness” as early as 4-8 weeks into pregnancy. As the breasts are made up of purely ligaments and no muscles, they need proper support as they grow bigger and heavier. This is the right time to get a well-fitting support bra, to protect the delicate tissues of the breast.

An ordinary fashion bra is not designed to provide the extra support needed during pregnancy. As soon as your normal bra starts to feel uncomfortable you should start wearing a maternity bra. A well-designed maternity bra should support the whole breast, fitting neatly round the rib cage and the straps should not cut into your shoulders. When you’re shopping for a maternity bra look for the following:

Support: Look for wide straps, sides, under-bust band and a deep centre at the front. Firm elastic straps eliminate bounce and give you extra support.

Coverage: You need as much fabric as possible over the breast area; this will be more comfortable for you as your breasts become more sensitive.

Adjustability: A minimum of four rows of back eyes will allow your bra to grow with you.

Comfort: Look for bras that are mainly cotton, as cotton lets your skin breathe. As your breasts get heavier, you may feel more comfortable wearing light support even at night.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, as your milk starts to come, it’s time to think about nursing bras. Look for cleverly designed ones that provide maximum support, comfort and easy access while breast-feeding.

Shopping Tips

  • Buy only one or two bras at a time because your sizes may vary over the course of your pregnancy
  • Buy nursing bras only during the last two months of pregnancy
  • Shop for maternity clothes labeled in your pre-pregnancy size. Maternity clothes are designed to give you extra room only where you need it – primarily in the belly and the bust.
  • If you’re having twins or have a history of having big babies, you may need a larger size and might outgrow even maternity clothes. If necessary, plus-size shirts and dresses can get you through the last few weeks.
  • Buy basic items in stretch fabrics. Cotton jersey is good, and a little spandex is even better.
  • Splurge on at least one outfit that makes you feel great. Whether it’s a slinky dress that shows off your shapely belly or a funky pair of pants, find something to wear when you want to look fabulous.

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