Plan the perfect babymoon

Your energy levels are back to normal, your mood swings seem to be a bit more under control and you can finally keep your breakfast down. Now would be a great time to start planning your babymoon. A little time away for some R & R with your significant other is just what the doctor ordered. Before you head off, here are the top things to keep in mind when travelling while pregnant and planning your own pre-baby getaway.

Timing is everything.

The best time to plan your trip is your second trimester, between 14 and 28 weeks into your pregnancy. Here’s when your morning sickness is likely to have subsided, and your baby bump isn’t so big that it restricts your movements. Some airlines don’t allow you to fly later in your pregnancy as well and you may feel too tired and uncomfortable to fully enjoy travel towards your final trimester.

Choose where you’re headed.

When choosing a destination, keep in mind what would be most relaxing for both you and your partner. Be it a laid back beach getaway, a bustling city vacation or a cozy stay up in the hills. It’s also a good idea to go somewhere that requires less travel time, since your pregnant body likely won’t do well on a trip that has several different layovers or a long winding car ride. Another point to keep in mind is not to venture too far away from your doctor or modern medicine should you need medical attention.

Keep your doctor in the loop.

Check with your doctor before your trip to discuss your itinerary and to talk about any necessary precautions you might need to take, such as vaccines you might need (and whether they are safe during pregnancy) and foods you should avoid. If you’re flying, your doctor may recommend you get a flu shot, since pregnant women may be more susceptible to respiratory infections.

Be smart, be prepared.

It’s always good to err on the side of caution and hence it’s a good idea to have the name, address and contact number for a hospital or medical centre at your destination, preferably one that your doctor recommends. If you’re travelling abroad, check out the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers for a worldwide directory of doctors. Be sure to check your health insurance policy to see if you’re covered at your destination; if not, find supplemental travel insurance.

Consider a Staycation

If you can’t get away for a break, checking into a hotel or resort in your own hometown can be a great break too! Order in room service, lounge by the pool, snuggle up in a comfy hotel bed with your partner and get that much needed time together before baby makes three.

Ensure a smooth flight.

Flying is considered safe as long as you have a healthy pregnancy, but make sure to discuss it with your doctor beforehand. Carry a medical letter confirming that it’s safe for you to fly, as well as your prenatal chart, as several airlines require this sign off from a doctor. To avoid any last minute unpleasantness, check with your airline about travel restrictions for pregnant women (most let you fly until 35 weeks, but some airlines have different rules for international flights).
Request or book an aisle seat so you can easily get up to use the bathroom and move around. Make sure your seat isn’t in the row before or after the emergency exits because those seats don’t typically recline. Bring snacks, stay hydrated, and skip foods that make you gassy (air in your stomach expands at altitude). Though the Transportation Security Administration says that metal detectors and backscatter X-ray machines are safe for pregnant women, you might want to be extra cautious by skipping them altogether and asking for a pat-down instead when going through security.

Let the hotel know you’re expecting.

Make sure to call ahead and let the hotel you’re staying at know that you’re pregnant, should you require medical assistance and special dietary needs met. Who knows, apart from some special attention, you might even get a room upgrade or a special gift basket in your room upon check-in. But even if you don’t, talking to others about your impending arrival can boost your bonding experience and make your trip feel all the more special before your baby arrives.

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