Is it Safe to Drink Hot Water During Pregnancy?

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Whether you’re pregnant or not, drinking water is a healthy habit to cultivate. In fact, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your body and its organs to function properly.

During pregnancy, it is doubly essential to maintain optimum consumption of water intake to stay healthy. In fact, during this period, your body requires extra water to cope with the many changes during pregnancy.

As you would be aware, water is an excellent natural hydrant. It keeps you energized as well as cleanses your body of the unwanted toxins. Besides, water being a key component of breastmilk, plays a vital role in improving lactation. Water also keeps several pregnancy complications like water retention/edema at bay.


Drinking Hot Water During Pregnancy

There is no evidence that shows drinking hot water during pregnancy is unsafe. Hot water is okay as long as it is not scalding. Very hot water may burn the lining of your mouth and hence not recommended for you, whether you’re expecting or not. A safer option would be warm or lukewarm water which has several benefits. According to Chinese traditional medicine, the water we consume should be in accordance with our body temperature.

In fact, drinking warm water is even better than drinking normal water.  It helps you to fight fatigue, improves resistance to infections and builds up your stamina.

Here’s a complete list of health benefits that come with drinking water during pregnancy

  • Warm/tepid water helps flush out the toxins naturally and cleanses your system. It also helps to keep heartburn and morning sickness under control and quell nausea.
  • If you’re facing constipation problems, drinking lukewarm water is one of the best remedies. Warm water breaks down the food faster and aids in smooth digestion. This also keeps away common problems associated with constipation like bloating and acidity.
  • Warm water improves blood circulation and keeps you active and energetic. Excess accumulation of fat deposits in your body can make you sluggish and listless. A few glasses of warm water can eliminate these fat deposits faster and help muscles relax and enhance blood circulation. This in turn boosts your stamina and energy levels and keeps fatigue away.
  • Warm water is also keeps your bronchial tracts healthy by keeping common illnesses like cold, cough and flu at bay.


An Important Reminder

It is important that you maintain the highest safety standards while drinking water, especially during. Make sure you always drink filtered and boiled water or mineral water. Drinking directly from the taps may pose a lot of health risks as it may have high levels of leads and other mineral that may affect your pregnancy and the growing baby’s health.

Lead poisoning can lead to severe complications and cause damage to the brain, liver, nervous system, kidneys and red blood cells. Higher leads levels are also a threat to the unborn baby and stunt the physical and mental development of the foetus.


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