Is it OK to Wear High Heels When You’re Pregnant?

Heels during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you may have to shelve those favourite stilettos for a while. If you think its really hard to part with them, you could consider wearing a comfortable pair that with broad supporting heels.

What Happens When You Wear High Heels?

It is quite ok to wear heels during the first trimester. But as you progress along your pregnancy, with the increasing body weight, your centre of gravity changes, so the chances of you loosing balance and tripping over are very high. A topple or a fall, can be harmful to both you and the baby.

During the second trimester, there is an increased production of the hormone relaxin which helps in loosening the ligaments to allow the baby to pass through your pelvis comfortably. As a result of this, there is a shifting of the pelvic, hip and back joints. Wearing high heels will change your posture to begin with, and donning them when your joints are shifty will put extra pressure on your back, hips, ankles and knees eventually leading to back and joint pains around the knees and ankles.

Another reason that high heels should be avoided is that there are chances of your feet and ankles swelling up (edema). This is a common pregnancy problem that normally occurs during the third trimester.

If you find your feet swelling up, squeezing into those heels may get quite painful. Not to mention the great discomfort it may cause as the day progresses. So why take the trouble at all? Instead we suggest you wear comfy flats. And if don’t own one, it’s a perfect excuse to go shopping and buy one. But remember, to keep in mind, to choose something that is comfortable and roomy with enough space to accommodate your growing feet.

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