Effect of Music on Unborn Baby

Music during pregnancy

Music makes a huge impact on baby. You can calm your baby and let him be if you let him listen to the right type of music. By the 12th week, he will be able to hear sounds and by the 5th month, he will be able to distinguish sounds. That would be just the time to get your baby to listen to music.

Music and the spoken language share the same tonal pitch, timbre, intensity and rhythm. For this very reason, music can be a pre-linguistic tool that will prepare the unborn infant’s ear and brain to listen to and identify linguistic sounds.

If you are an expectant mother, you should set aside time to listen to soothing music, which will make you calmer and happier. As you share hormones with the fetus, your happiness rub off on the well being of the unborn baby as well.

The amniotic fluid that your baby is surrounded in is actually a good conductor of sound. So placing earphones around your belly or just playing calm and soothing music on the stereo would be fine. But you need to make doubly sure that the volume isn’t louder than 70 decibels. If you’re using earphones, limit playing music for your baby to about an hour per day.

Play soothing classical music like the compositions of Mozart that have frequent repetitions the baby will comprehend and that will calm both you and your baby down.

Avoid hard rock, junk and groove. Chaotic music such as these genres is not good for the audio-stimulation and development in the unborn baby.

Recent studies have found that it is possible to enhance the development of the child’s brain before birth through stimuli such as stroking the fetus through the belly, producing soft and melodious sounds and using lights and vibrations that are pleasurable for baby. But remember that these stimuli must be organized and pleasurable to be beneficial.

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