Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy must haves

With a growing bust line and an expanding belly, a new wardrobe with comfortable clothes and innerwear aren’t the only things you’re going to need. There is a host of other essential pregnancy gear that you need to shop for and stock up on.

Prenatal Vitamins

No matter how healthy your diet is, there’s every chance that you may be falling short on some vital nutrients. Prenatal vitamins ensure that you and your growing baby are getting the essential nutrients during pregnancy. Folic acid for instance, is a very essential supplement that reduces the risk of birth defects related to the brain and spinal cord. Iron tablets too are


Books On Childbirth

You may wonder why you would need a book when much of the information you need is available online. When there are a hundred anxious questions and doubts hovering in your mind, there’s nothing more comforting than a book to tell you all and prepare you for the big day. But when scouting for books, make sure you pick up the right ones. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin, a self-taught mid-wife is an excellent blend of birth stories and practical advice from the author. Childbirth Without Fear by Dr. Grantly Dick has a very optimistic take on pregnancy and can help boost your confidence phenomenally.


Along with the growing belly, the skin stretches and often tends to get dry and itchy. Keeping a good moisturiser handy helps to keep the skin lubricated. Eventually, this could also be a preventative for stretch marks.

A Comfy Body Pillow

As your bump begins to grow, sleeping gets more and more uncomfortable, especially in the last trimester. Investing in a body pillow that confers to your body contour can help reduce the strain on your back while also supporting your belly.

Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated becomes even more imperative when you’re pregnant. So make sure that water bottle follows you wherever you go. You may find gulping down glassfuls a little too stressful. So instead consider sipping at regular intervals. If you’ve run out of water, there’s plenty you can choose from … soups, tender coconut water, milk, fruit, vegetables juices – the choice is yours. Restrict soda and beverages containing caffeine, since they have a diuretic affect.

Citric Chewables And Crackers

Pregnancy nausea bouts and vomiting don’t necessarily affect in the mornings. For some pregnant women, it may strike during the latter part of the day. A citric flavoured chewable pops or sipping on some ginger tea can do the trick in arresting the nausea. Biting into a bland cracker can also help ease nausea a great deal

Comfy Clothes And Stretch Jeans

This it the best time to pamper yourself and splurge on some new clothes and flaunt your new look. While you’re stacking away those tight clothes to make way for a new wardrobe, make sure that your new clothes are comfortable and fitting. Pick up a couple of pairs of stretch jeans for that cool, laid-back look.


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