Tips To Baby-proof Your Home

Baby proofing

Even before you know it, you’re baby will be crawling all over the house and reaching out for objects . No matter how vigilant you are, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. After all there are dangers lurking in every corner of the house – from open electrical sockets to door mats, magnets on the fridge and sharp edged furniture! Even the most unassuming things can be a threat to  your  baby.  That’s why it is absolutely important that you take a good look around the house and take stock of all possible safety hazards to make sure that your home is safe for baby in every way.  Baby-proofing your home is no doubt a daunting task, but can be fun and a good thing for everyone else too. Let’s take a quick stock.

In The Living Room

      • This one is particularly important: Check to see that every electrical outlet is covered with a child-resistant outlet cover
      • Next, are your entertainment units securely attached to the wall? Baby can knock over things and climb all over the place, remember
      • Are your electrical cords short, and tucked away out of the reach?
      • Are your drapery and blind cords trim and short and not winding all over the place?
      • Have you installed cover guards for sharp table corners
      • Are your houseplants kept above the child’s reach?
      • Have you replaced your plastic end caps on doorstops with one-piece designs?
      • Have you placed screens around your heating units?
      • Are the older sibling’s toys out of reach,  in a separate room?


In The Bathroom

      • You need to make sure that all electrical gadgets are unplugged and stored when not in use. Hair dryers, electric razors… everything you can think of that uses electricity
      • Are all your hygiene products stored in a locked cabinet? Your makeup, hair sprays, colognes, perfumes, mouthwashes, medications, powders, tweezers, deodorants and razors?
      • Have you fixed toilet latches on your toilet doors? Baby loves water and throwing things all over the place, especially into toilets, not to mention falling into one
      • Have you ensured that the temperature on your water heater reads not more than 120 degrees?
      • Have you placed decals or mats at the bottom of tubs and showers? You don’t want baby or you to slip when you are with baby do you?


In The Kitchen

        • Do all drawers and cabinets have latches or locks? Baby will be very inquisitive for a long while to come and get into every nook he can get into, remember
        • Have you ensured that your appliances have short cords that do not drape over the counter?
        • Have you removed and shelved your tablecloths? Baby will soon be using it to pull himself or herself up
        • Have you ensured that potentially dangerous substances are locked safely away in an upper-level cabinet? Look around once more. Do you see alcoholic beverages, household cleaning formulas, laundry supplies, medications, paint, kerosene, gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid, bug spray, pesticides or fertilizers cans lying around?
        • Plastic bags and wrappers must go into the bin before your baby can get it
        • Have you kept out ride toys and toys with wheels out of the kitchen?
        • And while still in the kitchen, remember to have your pot and panhandles facing the center of the stove or the rear wall while you are cooking. Baby can run in any time, or you might just have to rush for baby any time


Some More Handy Tips

          • Are your door mats slip-proof? If not replace them right away
          • Always remember to keep dangerous items like knives, cleaning solutions and hazardous chemicals out of reach
          • Fix a chain latch on top of your door to keep the baby from opening the door and running out
          • Never leave the baby alone in a bathtub. Even a few inches of water is enough to drown the baby
          • Keep the crib away from the window, high chair and play pen
          • Do a thorough check of the crib before you put the baby into it. Make sure it is free of electric blankets, heating pads, stuffed animals and mobile phones
          • Make sure there is just one-finger space between the crib mattress and the slide rails to prevent the baby slipping between the mattress and crib
          • Even while you make sure that the crib is sturdy, remember to check the space between the slats. They should be 2 3/8 inches apart or less so baby’s head doesn’t get caught between them
          • Hanging blind cords could pose a danger of entanglement if the baby reaches out for it; shorten them by tying them up
          • Block the top and bottom of stairs by installing gates

There! You have done almost everything to baby-proof your home. Just to be sure, look around once again .

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