Choosing Baby’s Doctor

Choosing baby's doc

Before you can settle down with a doctor for your baby, it will be beneficial to you if you can make a little investigation about the physician’s background and reputation. In most cases, your gynaecologist may suggest a child specialist, but there is no compulsion that you must continue with him. Talk to friends, neighbours and relatives. They may be resourceful in recommending a good doctor too. But whatever decision you take, make sure, you’re comfortable with the doctor you choose.


Here are some pointer questions that you might want to ask yourself before you start your search

  • Will you be comfortable with a male physician or would you rather go to a female doctor?
  • Does he have an established practice?
  • Is he reachable after clinic hours; and easily available during an emergency?
  • Does he have assistants to help you in his absence?
  • Is the clinic conveniently located? Having the doctor in close proximity to your house can work in your favour. It can at least save you travelling time – if not the waiting period at the clinic.

Keep Your Doctor’s Number Handy

You may not be able to memorise the doctors’s number, but it is important that the number is accessible. One more person, other than you in the house, should also know where the number is. You could consider adding the doctor’s number in the list of “important numbers” and keeping it in a prominent place in your house, so that during an emergency, it is easily available.

List Your Concerns

You may have a dozen questions for the doctor concerning your child. In all probabilities you may forget to ask an important question. So, listing them down before you visit him, would make it easier to clear all your doubts and problems at one go.

Your first visit to the doctor will give you a fair idea of your doctor’s personality and whether you’d be comfortable going back to him. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is he easily approachable?
  • Is he good with babies and do you like the way he handles your baby?
  • Is he patient in answering questions? Is he confident in his answers?
  • Is he genuinely concerned about your baby?

Only after you are completely satisfied, settle for the doctor. If at any point you have a bad experience or not happy with the doctor, its time to change your physician. There is no compulsion into seeing one doctor. Start the search over and when you have found another doctor you like, have all the records transferred.

Tell Your Doctor Everything

Your doctor should be aware of any special conditions that have been prominent in the Family. for instance, there could be a history of heart disease, cancer or diabetes. This information is very important for the doctor as it would help him in deciding the course of treatment, in the future.