Caring for Multiples

Caring for multiples

Twins mean double the joy and excitement, but as the babies grow, it could also mean double the anxiety. When twins or multiples first begin to crawl, walk or run, keeping them safe both inside and outside the home is very important.

When they enter the toddler years, twins and multiples can wreck the kind of havoc that single babies couldn’t even dream of. Add to the fact that when you’ve got more than one toddler, it can be difficult – often impossible – to keep an eye on every child all the time. While you are coping with one child’s tantrum, the other may be climbing or cruising towards the stairs!.

Twins and multiples also tend to be braver and more reckless than singletons. May be it’s the “team spirit”, they are more likely to wander off in public, open a door and walk right out of the house or explore things that could be dangerous. Even as the baby years can be exhausting with multiples, the toddler years too can be equally so as parents. Which is why, parents of multiples will have to take childproofing to another level.

Safe Nursery

Create a safe play zone within the home where the toddlers can play unharmed. Many parents of multiples designate a room for their little ones, or enclose part of a room with only safe toys and shelving that’s too high to reach. This can be a real sanity saver for times when you have to step away for a second – to change a diaper, fix a snack or even use the restroom yourself.

Child-Proofing For Multiples

Making your home safe for your babies could often mean getting rid of articles that you treasure. A childproofed home could seem rather stark and bare, but as safety is the main priority, you will need to go security over aesthetics. Chairs that provide access to table-tops may have to be removed, draws secured, dressers bolted against the wall and stairs and windows cordoned off from little explorers. Get down to the eye level of your toddlers and assess all situations that could be potentially dangerous. You could also get the help of a childproofing professional to make your home safer for your kids.

Outdoor Safety

Moving around with multiples can be even more challenging, but it helps to have consistent routines in place. Teach your toddlers to respond to words like “Stop”, “Freeze” or “No” as these could come handy in dangerous situations. And it’s never too early to teach your kids the basics of road safety.