How To Calm A Cry Baby

Calming baby

All babies cry. Some settle down quickly while others continue to be cranky and fussy. And sometimes, a comforting solution that had worked previously may not work the next time. So it is only through trial and error that you will be able to understand your baby’s behavioral pattern and find out works best to calm her.

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Here are a few things you can try to comfort a crying baby.

Give Her A Snug Wrap

Most newborns want to be kept warm and snug – just like in the mother’s womb. To keep you baby feeling secure and safe, you could try wrapping her up in a soft blanket. Sometimes, the warmth of your body too can comfort the baby. So holding her close to you may help calm her.

Re-Assurance Through Rhythm

Some babies find the sound of the rhythmic heartbeat soothing when held close to your chest. While some babies prefer gentle music or a lullaby soothing. Many parents find that the “white noise” of the fan or air-conditioner to have a lulling effect.

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Rock-A-Bye Baby

Babies love the gentle rocking motion – whether its the cradle, rocking chair or in the arms. Even sitting with her in a rocking chair may calm your baby. Sometimes a drive in the car too helps and you’ll find babies nodding off in no time.

Try A Massage

A gentle massage on the back or tummy can help soothe the baby. Particularly, If your baby has colic problems and pains with wind after a feed. Burping her after a feed by holding her against your shoulder and rubbing her back may make your baby feel better.

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Comfort Sucking

Some babies derive great comfort out of sucking a dummy or (clean) finger. “Comfort sucking” can steady a baby’s heart rate, relax her stomach, and help her settle.