Burping your Baby

Burping baby

Why Do You Need To Burp Your Baby?

Babies need to be burped after their feeds to release the excess air that they tend to swallow while feeding. The air in the stomach could cause discomfort and make the baby colicky. This will inevitably result in baby becoming cranky and restless. The uneasy ‘full’ feeling could also cause the baby to spit up or stop feeding too soon. Burping will help reduce the amount of air that the baby swallows during a feed. A well-burped baby will be able to enjoy a longer, peaceful sleep.


How Often Should You  Burp Your Baby?

In general, bottle-fed babies need to be burped more often than breastfed babies as they tend to swallow in more air than breast-fed babies.

Bottle fed babies have no control over the milk flow from the bottle as the rate at which the milk flows depends on the size of the hole. On the other hand, nursing babies adjust their sucking action according to the milk flow.

Bottle fed babies tend to gulp the milk quickly and greedily; while breastfeeding babies feed frequently in smaller quantities. Thus bottle fed babies tend to swallow in more air than bottle fed ones.

If you’re nursing, burp the baby when switching sides.  However, some breastfed babies don’t swallow that much air, so they may not need to be burped all that often. If you’re bottle-feeding, burp her after she takes in 60-90 ml.

While Burping Your Baby Make Sure To:

  • Hold him in such a way that here is no pressure on the stomach
  • Pat, gently rub, or apply gentle pressure on the back with your hands

    Three Ways To Burp Your Baby:

    Over The Shoulder
    Hold your baby over your shoulder and gently rub or pat your baby’s back with your hand. Normally the baby will burp within a few seconds.

    Face Down On Your Lap
    Place your baby face down across your thighs on your lap with the head resting on one leg and stomach area over the other leg. Then gently pat or rotate your hand on the back.

    Sitting Up
    Hold the baby in the sitting position in your lap with the body slightly leaning forward. Support the chest and head with one hand and pat the back with the other. If haven’t been successful in burping the baby after 2-3 minutes, lean him back slightly with the chest as upright as possible and try burping again. If getting a burp takes longer than 5 minutes, don’t worry, continue or stop feeding – as the baby desires.


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