Is Baby Powder Safe?

Baby powder

Baby powder is a great way to keep your baby smelling sweet and fresh. But it’s better to avoid that extra dab on baby’s soft, gentle skin. Sometimes, the chemicals in the powder, no matter how mild, may just not agree with your baby’s delicate skin and result in irritation and allergic reactions.

So the next time around when you reach out for baby powder, do steer clear of those with a strong fragrance (the aroma is nothing but extra fragrance which could cause irritation to your baby’s vulnerable skin). It is also important to avoid powders that contain talc. Inhaling the small particles in the talc could be harmful for your baby.

But, not all baby powders are unsafe. Though there are a number brands available in the markets today, with a little research it’s easy to find the right one for your baby.

Paediatricians nowadays, prescribe cornstarch powder which contains larger particles that can’t be easily inhaled. But the flip side of using cornstarch is that it can worsen a yeast infection resulting out a diaper rash.

 While Choosing Baby Powder, Remember:

  • Buy only well-known, reputed brands
  • Check the ingredients – make sure that it’s not harsh for the baby. Choose products that are phthalate-free
  • Talc is a strict no-no. Instead choose the safer cornstarch-based alternative

How Is Baby Powder Useful?

Baby powder has a good deal of benefits too! It helps to keep baby skin dry and moisture free.

  • There’s nothing like a dab of baby powder to keep it fresh and dry during nappy changes.
  • Baby powder works well to keep prickly heat in check as well.
  • In hot and humid weather conditions, it could keep baby’s skin cool and comfortable by eliminating friction.

Important Things To Remember While Using Baby Powder:

  • Restrict the use on baby’s face and nostrils. Powder can cause breathing problems and serious lung damage when inhaled
  • Gently wipe away powder that may have accumulated in the baby’s skin folds whenever you change the diaper.
  • Never shake the baby powder into your baby’s face. Instead, put some into your palm and pat it on baby gently
  • New allow baby to play with the powder container. Make sure to keep it away from baby’s reach.


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