Effective Sleep Strategies for Baby

Sleep baby

While you’re still grappling with handling your newborn, sleepless nights are something you have to compromise on for some time. It could be quite harassing – to cope with the little ‘night owl’, but its not long before she follows a certain sleeping pattern and you could enjoy a bit more uninterrupted sleep.

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Here are some things you could do to encourage your little one to sleep longer hours.

  • A warm and cozy bed: Make sure that your baby’s nursery is comfortable, safe and sleep-friendly. You could invest in a carrycot or crib for the little one
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  • Consistent bedtime routine: Start a bedtime routine and try following it regularly. It could even be a warm cuddly goodnight kiss, a soothing lullaby or stroking the baby to sleep. Follow a regular pattern, once the baby becomes familiar with the routine and he will know its time to sleep
  • Napping helps: Shorter naps during the day could help the baby sleep better at night. While napping, let the lights be turned on. Bright conditions will wake up the baby sooner on its own and sleep longer during the night
  • Teach day and night: Let your baby learn the difference between day and night. So keep the nights quiet and let there be activity during the day
  • Calm down: A soothing massage or rocking the baby in your arms or gently patting its back could be a great stimulant to put the baby to sleep
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  • Frequent feeds during the day and cluster feeding at late evenings, could ensure a peaceful night. Nursing your baby before you go to sleep is a great idea. However if your baby still gets up for a night feed do not deprive him because, he can derive up to one third of his nutrition at nighttime feeds. Also remember, to keep the lights subdued so that the baby’s sense of time is not disturbed
  • Regulate the temperature in the room so that it is not too hot or cold
  • Avoid night time diaper changes if possible