Checklist Of Baby Essentials

Baby products


It’s tough not to go on the binge when you’re shopping for baby clothes. But do remember, that comfort takes precedence over fashion. So while you’re tempted to buy that irresistible, piece of attire for your little princess or prince, don’t forget to include those must-have basic essentials in your baby’s wardrobe.

Keep These In Mind While Buying Baby Clothes:

    • A baby’s skin is very tender and sensitive. So clothing should be super soft.
    • Do not let rough or textured fabrics come directly in contact with a baby’s skin.
    • Make it a habit to turn clothing inside out and inspect the seams.
    • After each laundering, give the clothes a once over for loose threads.

A List of Few Must-have Clothes For Your Baby:

Onesies: One-piece outfits are very convenient when it comes to diaper changing. These are must-haves especially during the initial few weeks. Some may have mitten sleeves to prevent baby from scratching his fragile skin.

Cotton T-shirts: These can be used as an extra layer of clothing to keep baby protected indoors as well as while going out.

Sleepers and Pyjamas: Keep baby draft-free while sleeping.

Sweaters, fleece wear, and buntings: Essential in cold weather, lightweight sweaters come in handy during summer when entering air-conditioned buildings. Fleece outerwear and buntings will protect the baby from harsh winter winds.

Socks and booties: These little footsies keep the baby’s feet warm and cosy – especially during extreme weather. You will need at least half a dozen of these.

Caps and hats: As far as possible, keep the baby’s head covered while outdoors; in the winter it protects the ears from the cold breeze and in the summer, shields the baby from harsh sun rays.

Mittens: These little hand covers keep the tiny hands warm and snug in cold weather and prevent the baby from scratching his or her face accidentally.

Diapers: You could either opt for a cloth diaper or a disposable one. Cloth diapers also come paired along with plastic pants. Plain, easy-to-use Velcro cover into which a cloth diaper can be fit into is another option. Disposable diapers come in very handy on outings and short trips outside home. There are innumerable brands with different features available in the market today. Disposable diapers are sized by weight, so remember to check the pack to ensure that you buy the right size for your baby.