Money Saving Tips

Saving tips for partners


 Now that you have a rough idea of how much your pregnancy will cost, you can plan ahead and think of ways in which to save some money without compromising on your baby’s comfort and well being. Grab a pen and notebook and write down every single rupee that you spend for a whole month. Include all expenditures big and small, right from a pack of chewing gum to house rent. Once you have taken stock for a whole month, do a complete study to understand where your money is going. Where can you save?
Here are some tips that you can keep in mind but do remember to leave room for your own creative ideas as well.

  • Look for websites that offer high quality used goods. This makes items cheaper but do remember to never compromise on quality and hygiene. For example, buy a used crib but never a used bottle.
  • Don’t stock up on things in advance based on ‘must-have lists’. Buy the basic essentials and figure out what else you need as you go along. This ensures that you never waste anything.
  • Ask family members and close friends to hand you down items that they no longer have use for. For example, if your niece doesn’t fit into that great sweater, there’s no harm in accepting it as long as it is still in good condition.
  • Maternity outfits can work out to be quite expensive since you only wear them for a short time. Get as creative as possible with your existing wardrobe – you might be surprised that something old fits well over your new shape. You can also try raiding your husband’s wardrobe for comfortable clothing! If you do buy something new, make sure it will still fit you while you’re at your biggest.
  • It is very easy to get tempted into buying everything at the baby store what with all the cute colors and designs. Learn to stay focused on what you need and resist temptation to splurge on all the cute stuff.
  • If you have any extra money saved up try opening a high interest savings account or meet with a financial advisor for tips on how to maximize this money.
  • Keep in mind that any amount of savings can help in the future. You don’t need to put away huge chunks of your money but instead make a small start and increase the amount you put away, as you go along.

It’s all about planning and re-working your expenses. Discuss your money concerns with your partner and hear him out too. If you plan your finances, it takes away the stress from you and your partner. Work out a budget and stick to it but also remember not to deprive yourself too much. Happy parents make a happy baby.