Managing Your Money Smartly

Having a baby is expensive. You will be spending quite a lot of money on your child as he grows. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait till you have enough money. Instead you can manage your time and finances prudently.

Here are a few ways to ease your finances


Breast-feeding is the best form of nutrition for baby. Besides it also helps mothers accelerate weight loss after pregnancy. It also has many psychological benefits for both mother and baby. Babies who are breast-fed grow up to be secure and emotionally stable adults with higher IQ. Above all, breast-feeding is convenient, always available and absolutely free.

Baby Food

When it comes to baby food, most doctors recommend fresh, homemade food, pureed in a blender. Not only is it much cheaper, but also it’s so much healthier! Keep processed baby food for quick trips, or special occasions. Insist on giving your baby pureed food made by you. It’s quick, healthy and inexpensive.


Babies look cute in anything. No one is going to notice that designer label – so don’t waste your money. Besides, babies grow up faster than you can say ‘grow up’! So hand-me-downs and soft knit cottons picked up at the store sale would do just fine.


You can save quite a bit of money if you use cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Even if it entails a little more work, it is well worth it. But if you insist on disposables, don’t get carried away by the brand. Sure, some diapers are better than others, but most are basically the same. Nappy pads with washable diapers are absolutely a cheaper option.

Diaper Rash

Prevention is cheaper than cure, so goes the saying for our convenience here. Diaper rash is preventable. A drop of olive oil applied to your baby’s bottom at every diaper change works wonders. But check with your doctor that it’s on. Generally, keeping baby fresh and dry at every nappy change is the best way to manage diaper rash.


You don’t have to get baby the latest and most expensive toys. Most babies are happy with everyday items as their toys. For instance, plastic bowls and plastic containers from food products that they can stack up. When you do buy toys, get ones that will help with your baby’s development, are durable, and appropriate for his age.

Health Insurance

Doctor’s bills can pile up if you don’t have health insurance. But there are options out there for people just like you. So get in touch with an insurance company for recommendations.