How to Pick the Right Pre-school

Preschool for kids

Is it Registered?

A registered institute gives it a degree of validity so ensure that it is recognized and licensed. Apart from this, you must also check the facilities to ensure hygiene and safety. The most important areas to cover in your check are the class/play area, kitchen and bathrooms.

Staff Assessment

Find out what is the ratio of children to a teacher. Ideally 1 staff member to 4 children is good and ensures that the child gets sufficient attention. Also try to verify the teacher’s credentials. Ideally, teachers should be trained in early child development and education.

Is it Spacious?

There should be enough space with enough natural light and air. You can observe the other children there to gain a sense of energy levels. An active group of children is a good sign.

Food and Nutrition Policy

Do the children eat food brought from home or is it prepared at the school. Is it nutritious? Is it hygienically prepared and served?

Toileting Policy

Always check to find out if it necessary for a child to be toilet trained? This will help reduce anxiety for you and your child. If your child is not yet toilet trained, will the staff help in the process?

Evaluate the program

There should be no pressure to perform academically. A good program mostly involves free play, interwoven and non-competitive group activities such as sing song, story telling, etc. A good program will stimulate the child creatively, intellectually, physically and socially.

Observe the program yourself

Spending a few hours at the school is the best way to evaluate the place. Be unobtrusive as you observe how the teacher handles the children and their behavior.

Check References

The best way to assess a school before enrolling your child is to ask the opinion of other parents. You will get unbiased and honest opinions which will help make your decision much easier.