The Joy of Motherhood


Motherhood is one of the greatest milestones in a woman’s life. The sheer joy of motherhood cannot be compared with any other experience. Neither can the blissful sense of fulfillment.

However, most first-time mothers are often overwhelmed by the changes that take place after the baby is born. You’ve heard everyone say that however hard you try; you can never be fully prepared for baby’s arrival. And there is no limit to the extent to which our life changes when baby finally arrives.


Here are a few tips that you could keep in mind as you step into motherhood:

  • Being a mother is a learnt skill. It isn’t a skill you are born with. You catch up and improvise as you go along. There are so many good books that can help you along too. And then, of course, there is your own mother or close relative.
  • Taking care of a child was never meant to be one person’s responsibility. So get all the support that you can – from your partner, relatives and friends – and you will enjoy being a mother.
  • Become a part of a network of new mothers. Discussing your problems and listening to what the others have to say, will go a long way in dealing with your own anxieties.
  • Remember that each time there is a change in your life, you learn, grow and discover things about yourself that your were not aware of and become a stronger person.
  • Though the first three years of motherhood are the toughest, they will pass by before you know it

And remember that in spite of all the hard work and sleepless nights, being a mother is a most joyful feeling that is indescribable. So enjoy every moment of it!