Buying for Baby – Shopping Tips

Shopping tips for baby

Tiny clothes are a joy to shop for. All those colors and then the impossibly small sizes! That’s when you realize you have this new life of contentment and joy ahead of you – one that’s filled with baby coos and baby clothes. Now, it’s important to choose baby clothes that are practical and comfortable.

  • Deciding how many sets of clothing you buy depends on how often you plan to do laundry. And remember that there would be a lot of laundry to be done. For a newborn, you may need to buy enough clothing to cover three clothing changes a day.
  • Make sure that your baby’s clothes don’t cling on too tight. Look for clothing made out of soft, roomy, durable material. Soft knits stretch more and can be changed more easily, and loose material fits best over your baby’s big belly.
  • Buy clothes that give baby plenty of room to move his legs. When buying overalls for a crawling baby, make sure the legs have elastic cuffs and are not so baggy that they hamper crawling. Elastic cuffs keeps larger-sized clothing from slipping over your child’s feet and hands.
  • For easy diaper changes, use onesies (or baba-suits) or coveralls that snap at the crotch instead of having to be removed for diaper changes. If your baby outgrows sizes with snaps, switch to sweatpants with out drawstrings.
  • Most babies don’t like things pulled over their heads. In such case, look for shirts that snap, button, or zipper at the neck. Before buying, test snaps to make sure they hold.
  • When buying pants that zipper in the front, look for those with a stretchy elastic waist so they can be pulled on even with the zipper up. Use undershirts instead of bulky sweaters to add layers of warmth.
  • Multi-piece outfits save money as one piece of an original outfit can still be worn when the other piece no longer fits. If you buy a two-piece outfit, make sure the top is long enough so that it won’t constantly ride up and leave your baby’s belly exposed.
  • Buy clothes in neutral colors and designs so younger siblings of either sex can wear them again. To buy matching items for clothes you already have, cut a small swatch from the inside hem and take it with you when shopping.