Miscarriage – Overcoming Loss

Coping with loss

Early pregnancy loss can be a heart-breaking experience – especially for mothers who have already struck a bond with the unborn baby. The grief is unbearable and it may take a very long time to come to terms with the sudden loss.

While the cause for miscarriage varies from one person to the other, the most common cause, especially when it occurs within the first 12 weeks, is chromosomal abnormalities. Some of the other causes for miscarriage are: Infection, hormonal abnormalities, immune disorder and systematic illness. Recent statistics reveal an alarming figure of 50% pregnancies ending in miscarriages.

Surviving Emotionally After A Pregnancy Loss

Coping with miscarriage is a very personal experience and every woman finds her own way to deal with the loss. Anger, shock, guilt, depression and helplessness are all feelings that shroud the woman – that could lead to withdrawal symptoms and spending moments of solitude crying and questioning. These are perfectly normal feelings, but the sooner you accept the loss and share your inner feelings with your friends and family, the better you will feel and probably heal faster.

While your near and dear ones hope to see you recovering fast by overcoming the grief quickly, remember not to pressurize yourself to rush through the sadness. Your recovery could be slow, nevertheless you’re healing will be complete when you handle your grief as it comes.

Coping Physically Post Miscarrage

Undergoing this kind of stress and trauma can take a severe beating on your body. Feeling physically weak after that shattering loss, its normal to be lackluster and unenthusiastic in whatever you do. But it is extremely important that you don’t allow this physical stress to take a toll on your health. A nutritious diet, sufficient rest is an absolute must to help your body recoup and bounce back quickly.


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