Tips To Manage Labour Pain

Labor pain


You’ll probably hear countless stories and experiences about ‘labour pain’ from various friends, relatives and new mothers during the pregnancy. But try not to get intimidated and unnecessarily worked up. Instead find out ways that could help you ease labour and focus on them. Remember, a lot depends on how well you handle pain and your pain tolerance levels as well.


A few techniques that you could adopt to manage your labour pain naturally without any medication:

  • A firm massage in the lower back region, arms, legs and neck can be a great pain reliever as well as reduce contraction discomfort
  • A birthing partner can give you that moral support you desperately need. It could be your husband or a friend/ relative who can egg you on and make you feel positive
  • Meditation, yoga and pranayama can have a relaxing effect and help you deal with labour pain better
  • Rhythmic deep breathing techniques can keep you from hyperventilating and also do wonders to ease your tension
  • Visualization Techniques

    Diverting your attention by visualizing on something real or imaginary is a great way to get distracted from labour pain. By shifting your focusing on past events, experiences or even on people who’ve inspired/ impacted you can drift you away from pain and keep you relaxed to a great extent.

    Active Birth Positions

    You can explore various positions like – standing, squatting, kneeling or walking to help ease the pain. Studies have conclusively demonstrated that upright positions shorten labour while reducing pain of contraction. By staying upright your uterus can contract without encountering resistance, there’s less pressure on major blood vessels and oxygen supply to the baby increases thereby helping the baby get into the best position for being born.


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