Planning Another Baby?

Planning another baby

Contemplating on another baby, but not sure if it’s the right time? Well, there’s no one better than you to decide that! Because, when you’re getting pregnant again, you have to brace yourself to a lot more challenges than you did while preparing for your first baby. Second pregnancies and successive ones will involve a lot more planning and effort as it means juggling with an additional baby. While some swear by a three-year age gap, there are others who insist on having the babies “one after the other”. Though there’s no “perfect time” to have another baby, you must remember that it can affect your lifestyle, finances and the other babies.

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Here are some factors to consider when you’re trying to decide whether you’re ready to have another baby:

Are You Fit Enough For Another Baby?

Your health and fitness during your second and successive pregnancies is as important as your first one. So before weighing out your options of getting pregnant again, make sure you have recouped enough to handle another baby. While experts say, it takes a full year to recover from pregnancy, there’s no rule that you have to wait that long before trying again. If you’re eating well, physically back on track and mentally ready, there’s no reason to postpone any further.

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Is Your Youngest Child Old Enough?

If you have just had a baby and you’re still getting up two or three times a night, you might find it hard to find the energy to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy.

How Much Attention Do Your Other Children Require?

If your first-born is in kindergarten, it may be alright to have a baby now. But if you’re busy caring for triplets or a child with complex medical needs – this may not be the right time.

How Does Your Partner Feel About Having Another Baby?

While most women do manage quite well on their own, pregnancy is when a partner’s presence and support is needed. So if your partner feels quite strongly that he’s not ready for another baby, don’t force him.

Is Your Relationship On Fairly Solid Ground Right Now?

There’s a myth that having a baby can help bring a couple together – when actually the opposite is true. If you’re already having difficulty in your relationship, having a colicky newborn on hand isn’t going to help matters at all. Whatever the grannies may say, its better to wait for just a little while longer till your relationship stabilizes.

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Will Having Another Baby Affect Your Family’s Financial Situation?

There’s no denying it: kids cost money. If having another baby is going to stretch your budget to the breaking point, you might want to postpone your pregnancy until your financial situation is looking a little healthier.

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How Do You Feel About Having Another Baby? Does The Thought Of Having Another Baby Fill You With Euphoria Or Fear?

Most often, your gut instinct will tell you a lot about your readiness for another baby. If you take the time to weigh these factors, you should have a pretty good idea about whether or not you’re ready for another baby.

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