Role of a Father

Role of a father

Once the news of pregnancy is broken, invariably, the father-to-be fades into oblivion, with the expectant mother getting all the attention and priority. While she occupies center-stage with the entire family fussing over her, there’s a lot you could also do – probably occupying ‘backstage’. The support you offer, and the extra care you give, can help your partner sail through the 9 months as also ensure a safe pregnancy.

Here’s how you could involve yourself and be an active participant as an expectant father.

  • Support your partner emotionally as well as physically throughout all stages of pregnancy.
  • This is a great time to do extra chores and also share some domestic responsibilities on a daily basis. As the months roll by, your partner will tire out very soon and may find even the simplest job difficult to execute.
  • Accompany your partner on her visits to the doctor. While she may appreciate this gesture, you could benefit by keeping yourself updated with the baby’s developments and its milestones. The doctor may also have a special advice – on pregnancy and health in general – for the mother-to-be. You could contribute by paying close attention and asking thoughtful questions.
  • Try and strike that paternal bond with the baby in the womb. Listen to the first heartbeat, feel the baby’s kick, play music and read to your baby.
  • Attending antenatal classes with your partner will give you an idea of how you could support your partner during labour and help her cope better with it.
  • Indulge your partner. Sometimes she may be intensely demanding. So do go that extra mile to fulfill her desires. She does deserve all the pampering. Because, very soon, she will be giving you the most incredible gift.
  • As you brace up for the D-day, there are a lot of important things to be done before the baby arrives like getting the nursery ready, childproofing the house and making arrangements for paternity leave.
  • Take decisions together. Search for baby names. Go shopping with your partner – whether it’s for baby clothes, for the crib or the car seat.

While you’re gearing up with great anticipation – and excitement – for the arrival of the baby, remember, every little thing you do during these 9 months will come in very handy after the birth of the child.

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