Preparing for Fatherhood

Fatherhood tips

While your preparing for the brand new role in your life with a whole lot of excitement and some anxiety, little would you know how your life would change forever. But no matter how many surprises this new responsibility throws at you, fatherhood can be a very satisfying and a joyous experience.


Along the way, you will discover, there be many compromises you have to make, and many challenges to face. Sometimes it could be tough and frustrating too. But  with time, you’ll realize it’s worth every bit of effort you’re putting in to involve yourself in raising the baby.

As you look forward to donning your new role and embarking on a new relationship with your child, here are a few pointers that you could help you on your way to fatherhood.

  • Father figure is not about playing hero to your child but also involves getting emotionally attached to your baby. Every moment you spend with your baby is precious, and something you will treasure for life. So whatever sacrifices you make on your personal time, can be very fulfilling.
  • You’ve looked up to your father and you want this image to reflect in you too. So get ready to practice the same principles in the true spirit of fatherhood!
  • This is the time for change – change for the better! Reading books on interacting with other men who’ve experienced fatherhood could prove to be inspiring
  • This new addition to your family may take some time for you to sink in, but it won’t be long enough before you realize that your whole life is revolving around the baby.

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