Life Beyond Infertility

Life beyond infertility

Cycles of infertility treatment could take their toll. If even after going through months of infertility treatment and visiting numerous specialists, you are still not pregnant, it may be time to stop and look at alternatives.

At this stage, it is important to be aware of what your options and choices are. Keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner and agree together if “enough is enough”. Remember, infertility is not the end of your dreams as you still have a variety of options ahead of you.

If your infertility treatment has not been successful, try not to see it as a failure. Instead, realize that it has allowed you the freedom to pursue other options to build your family. As a couple, you may wish to discuss these options and investigate them further.

Remember – there is no one option that is better than another. Instead, the best option is what you feel is most right for you.


Surrogacy is fast becoming a popular alternative for couples unable to conceive their own biological child. In surrogacy, the egg and sperm is retrieved from the couple or received by donation and a woman is employed to carry the baby in her uterus to full term. And when the baby is born, the surrogate relinquishes her parental rights and gives the baby to the couple. This method is particularly viable if the couple is unable to conceive or if the woman is unable to carry a child on her own.

Today, surrogacy is increasingly becoming a popular solution as it

  • Offers the chance to have a biologically related baby
  • Allows the couple to be actively involved in the conception and growth of the baby
  • Has a high success rate

But surrogacy is not an easy process, and though it has its benefits, it is often complicated and drawn-out. Finding a surrogate could take time and the fertility treatment required for conception could be expensive and lengthy. Legal concerns are extremely important as the couple should have a contract drawn up, delineating the procedures, expenses and parental rights.

While many couples have had positive surrogacy experiences, it is important to note that surrogacy can be an emotionally taxing option, and many couples find it difficult to undergo for ethical and moral reasons.



For couples struggling with infertility, adoption has always been a viable option. There are many children out there looking for loving and safe homes – and adoption benefits both the child and parents. And there are many instances that prove that parenting an adoptive child can provide you with the same joy and love as parenting a biological child.

Adoption is a decision that both partners need to make together. Sometimes, the child’s genetic inheritance is an issue, which could make couple feel insecure. But in reality, children are unpredictable creatures – biological or adoptive – and a biological child is not superior in any way. It helps to remember that both heredity and environment have an equally important role to play in the development of the child. On the contrary, adoptive parents have the liberty to choose the sex of the child and they can check whether the child is physically and mentally normal before they make a final decision. Biological parents do not have this luxury.

While adoption can make your dreams of becoming a parent true, often there are a lot of issues to deal with, decisions to make and legal hurdles to cross – before you realize your dream.


Living Childfree

The decision to live without children is a very difficult one to make. It could take time – but it is important that both partners see eye to eye on this. If either one is not happy with the decision, then it may be impossible to live happily without resentment.

Choosing to live childfree takes a lot of courage and effort, but it can also be a happy one. It is important that, as a couple, you support one another’s decisions, whatever that may be. Don’t let anyone make your decision for you. Also, don’t expect to come to the decision overnight, or even in a few weeks or months. It may take quite some time before you are ready to come to a decision.

The key to enjoying a childfree life is to focus on all the opportunities that it can offer you. Living childfree will allow you the time to focus on your own needs and the needs of your partner. Living childfree can have incredible advantages, leaving you time to pursue a career, travel, or volunteer work. Try not to think of it as a door closing, but instead, focus on all those other doors that are just opening up for you.


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