How Nature Can Help Increase Fertility

Sleeping time for mothers

Trying for a baby? This is probably the best time to synchronize your body clock with nature.

Nature is a powerful balancing force in life and for many centuries, people have turned to the wonders of nature for remedies. But did you know – you can actually boost your fertility when you are in sync with the earth’s natural rhythms and cycles. Your biological clock is intimately linked to your reproductive system by using the same hormones that trigger ovulation and sperm maturation. Therefore, you can enhance or suppress your fertility by respecting or ignoring natural rhythms.

In today’s fast-paced world, working night shifts, and having an erratic sleep-wake pattern could actually be affecting your fertility. So if “baby making” is on your mind, here are a few tips to synchronize with nature:

Get Adequate Sunlight

Exposure to adequate sunlight during the day could quite often be the key to optimum fertility. This is especially true if you live in the northern hemisphere or in areas where sunlight is relatively rare. People who work only night shifts and sleep during the day may not be getting their adequate dose of sunlight.

Sunlight is Essential to Fertility as:

  • Exposure to sunlight helps produce Vitamin D – lack of which could result in infertility
  • Women who get more sunlight also have consistent and stronger menstrual cycles
  • Bright light has also been found to prevent the excessive production of melatonin – which suppresses fertility
  • Regular exposure to the sun also helps maintain a strong immune system, which is necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Make Love On Full Moon

    Recent studies have revealed that in ancient times, all women menstruated during new moon and ovulated during the full moon. It has been found that during those pre-electricity days, women slept in close to total darkness except for the days surrounding the full moon. And soft moonlight during the waxing of the moon was enough to halt melatonin production long enough for ovulation to occur.

    Recently, it has been found that women can synchronize with the cycles of the moon in about three to four months by altering the light levels while they sleep. Coordinating menstruation not only strengthens your cycle but also makes it much easier to pinpoint the optimal timing for intercourse.

    Sleep Deep

    Sound sleep helps restore and rejuvenate the reproductive system. Lack of sleep can increase Cortisol levels and lead to increased use of caffeine and other fertility reducing substances. It could also disrupt your hormone balance, and in extreme cases can stop ovulation altogether.

    Here are a few lifestyle changes that you could make to boost fertility – naturally!

  • Expose yourself to bright sunlight soon after waking
  • Make sure you get at least one hour of bright sunlight a day
  • Aim for total darkness at night by using room darkening shades and avoiding all lights
  • Sleep in soft moonlight on the three days of full moon
  • Make love during the full moon
  • Try to sleep at sun down and get up at sunrise, avoiding other lights and television
  • Keep sleep and wake times consistent and avoid working in shifts

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