Get off the Pill

Pills for mothers

The Birth Control pill has had the greatest impact on women’s health – no doubt! But there has also been a lot of contradictory information about it. If you have been on the pill so far, and want to get pregnant now, it could help a great deal to understand how the pill works.

The pill acts on the pituitary gland to block ovulation. As soon as you stop taking the pill, your hormones will start working again and you may ovulate. However, the time it could take for your hormones to settle back into a proper ovulation cycle could vary greatly from one woman to another.

For some women, it could take just two weeks (a normal cycle), while for others it may take several months. Even if you have been on the pill for the past 10 years, you can still ovulate in the month following your last pill. And as soon as you start to ovulate again, you have every chance to conceive!

Do I Wait Or Start Trying?

Now that you have stopped the pill, you may wonder if you can start trying right away. Doctors usually vary in their views on this. While some recommend allowing a month or two for your body to adjust to its natural cycle, others would insist on not waiting – as the hormones would have been eliminated from your system during your menstrual period.

But for practical purposes, it would be better to use some other method of contraception – like condoms – until your periods become regular. This interim period could help you get into the baby-making mode. You could start taking your folic acid and wean off any bad habits such as cigarettes and excess caffeine.

Once you have stopped all contraception and are trying to get pregnant, it would be a good idea to keep a note of the dates of your menstrual periods. This will make calculating the fertile period of your cycle easier. And if fertility treatment is needed, knowledge of your typical cycle will help with the diagnosis and treatment choices.

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