Best Sex Positions for Conception

Sex position

When baby-making is on the cards, certain sexual positions have an increased chance of conception. The golden rule here is that the man’s sperm must be deposited as close as possible to the woman’s cervix – and the best positions for conception are the ones that expose the woman’s cervix to as much sperm as possible.

The Missionary Position
This man-on-top position is commonly considered the best as it facilitates deep penetration during lovemaking – thereby placing the sperm closer to the cervix inside the vagina. Sometimes, placing a pillow under the woman’s hips also helps maximize the exposure of sperm to the cervix.

Rear Entry Position
These are sexual positions in which the man enters the woman from behind. They help deposit sperm close to the cervix and aid conception. Rear entry positions are particularly helpful for women with a tipped or tilted uterus.

Side-By-Side Position

Lying side by side positions are very relaxing as there is less strain on any one partner. Besides aiding conception, these positions are ideal for those who are overweight or suffer from a bad back.

Positions To Avoid:

When it comes to baby-making, it is better to avoid having sex in positions that defy gravity (as this lessens the likelihood of the man’s sperm reaching the cervix). So avoid having sex:

  • While sitting
  • Standing
  • With the woman on top

Fertility experts usually recommended that the woman stay in bed for up to half an hour after making love with her hips raised. This will allow the sperm to travel up the fallopian tubes, aided by gravity once again and towards the fertile egg.

The common myth that the woman needs to have an orgasm for conception to take place – is in fact incorrect. But it has been found that the waves that may accompany an orgasm could help in moving the sperm closer to the cervix, and up the fallopian tubes.

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