Why Adopt? – The Reasons

Why adoption

Adoption – that wonderful act of taking on another’s child as your own – is no doubt a noble act of love. While infertility is the most common reason why people adopt, there are many others who adopt just to give a child in need a better life. And, there are couples who have children of their own but want to extend their family and choose to do so through adoption.

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Here are the most common (and not so common) reasons why most people adopt today:

Adopting For Love

Interestingly, not all couples who adopt today are infertile. Some of them do it simply because they love children, or because they want a companion for their natural children. And there are many couples out there whose love for children is so compelling that they adopt, irrespective of whether they have a natural heir or not.

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To Have Children Of A Particular Sex

Sometimes, when a couple already has two boys, they may crave for a girl child or vice versa. Many find it much safer to go ahead and adopt a child of the opposite sex instead of trying again and again. Some couples adopt children out of their specific choice of sex/ gender of the child. They may even adopt two children of both the sexes and complete the family thus.

A Companion For An ‘Only’ Child

Sometimes the ‘only’ child could be a very lonely child. And when the couple may not have the energy to or be medically unable to go through the entire process of pregnancy and childbirth to have another baby, it may seem much simpler to adopt a second child and complete the family.

Single Parenthood

A recent trend, that’s fast catching up in India too – celebrity adoptions have made this very popular. There is provision in the Indian law too, for single men and women to adopt a child of their choice, to experience the joys of parenthood.

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Population Control

Believe it or not – there are people who feel that the world does not need any more children – especially when there are so many orphans who do not have a home. Therefore, they decide to adopt children an unfortunate child – which is, in fact one of the most touching ways of serving a social cause.

Genetic / Medical Reasons

It is not uncommon to find couples suffering from thallasaemia or any other high-risk genetic problems or incurable diseases deciding to adopt a child than try for one. It is a safer way of attaining parenthood, instead of risking having a baby with a debilitating disease.

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For The Sake Of Career

Sometimes, people in intensive, high profile careers – like Space Science, Exploration etc. – may not have the time, energy or the inclination to go through the process of childbirth. Adoption may be a more comfortable option. In some cases, the biological clock of career-oriented women may run out, and they may be compelled to adopt.

Adopting Relatives

A common phenomenon in India, a childless couple may adopt a relatives’ child just to keep it within the family, or to help a relative who cannot afford the expenses.

Parenting An Older Child

Some couples may prefer adopting an older child, for various reasons.

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