Are you ready to adopt?

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Wondering if you’re ready to adopt? To begin with, how about listing out the reasons why you want to adopt a baby.

In fact, your motives can reveal a lot about your readiness. And to help you find out if you are really ready, here is a list of motives that are not the right ones. Maybe your situation is similar to one of these, but it is important that you get the right perspective.

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Don’t adopt, if these are the reasons: 

We can’t have biological children:
This may be the right time to start thinking about adoption, but you definitely need to get past this notion of “Second-best”

My infertility is a constant source of sadness and it hurts:
True, infertility can be devastation, but don’t turn to adoption as a cure.

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I’m well off financially and my religion tells me to reach out to the needy:
Adoption is not for those with a patronizing attitude. Maybe you could donate money to a charitable organization instead.

I really want to adopt, but my husband is not so sure. I guess he will come around once we adopt!
No, what if he doesn’t?

Our marriage is shaky and a child will bring us together.
That has never happened!

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I love children, and as I’m a teacher/ social worker, I have a way with them.
Being a professional is very different from being a parent.

We – my partner and I – really want to build a family. We are looking forward to parenting. We know we have a lot to learn, but we want to make a beginning.

Yes! Go for it! This is probably the right reason to adopt a child – and you are ready for it!

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