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My child throws up the medicine soon after I give it to her. Can I give a full dose immediately?

Persuading your little one to take medicines when she're sick can be quite a task.  So if she throws up, don't worry, its quite normal.If you see the medicine in the vomit, it means, the medicine has been thrown out. Give her some time to settle down, before you repeat the dose.If the child has thrown up after 15 minutes you could give half the dose. But if there's been a gap of half an hour or more, do not give any more medicine until the next scheduled dose - because by then, some medicine would have gone into the system.

I am 30yrs old and trying to conceive for 1 year. Should I go in for an IUI?

A. There is no need to consider IUI at this stage. Also, do not presume that the problem lies with you alone. Your husband must go through medical tests as well. Remember that 30 years is not very late and you need not lose hope. Consult your doctor who will suggest a course of action.

Will the laptop affect my fertility?

A. It is unlikely that laptop heat or radiation will affect your fertility but if you are still concerned, please place the laptop on a desk and away from your body.

Will the pill affect my fertility?

A. Diane 35 will not affect your fertility. Since you have been on the pill for a year now, it is advisable to undergo hormonal investigations to ascertain if further usage of the pill is required. If you are overweight, you must reduce your weight.

Is my baby getting enough milk?

A. After her feed, if she sleeps for 3 hours, then she is getting enough milk and has a full tummy. Don't worry about the time duration she takes to drink her milk. Also watch for progressing weight gain. These are signs that she is getting enough milk.

When can I resume sexual intercourse after delivery?

A. You can resume sexual relations 42 days after your delivery. It is better to delay pregnancy for a year at least for the benefit of your health. Use contraceptives to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, don't worry - you can still have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I have endometric cysts. Can I conceive without surgery?

A. Consult your doctor and enquire about medication to reduce the endometric nodules. It is possible to treat this with a course of medication. Following your course of medication, take another scan and if the cyst still persists then you will have to undergo a laparoscopic surgery.

I am 20 weeks pregnant with a 2.8cm cervical length. Should I be worried?

A. From the information you have provided, it does not seem like there is any risk involved. Your cervical length is within normal range.

I am terrified of sex and childbirth. What do I do?

As far as childbirth is concerned, yes it is painful but remember that more than 60% of women in India have vaginal births. I recommend you read a book by Dr. Nutan Pandit called 'The Nutan Pandit Lamaze Program for Childbirth'. In this book Dr. Pandit has suggested various breathing techniques that will not only help you relax and calm your nerves, but will also prove beneficial during your pregnancy and delivery.

Is it possible to gauge the health of a child by its cry?

A. I'm not sure what prior research on this suggests but I can say this - ask any mother and she will tell you that she can often judge what exactly her infant is crying for. Most pediatricians will tell you the same. I believe that experience is the best teacher and will enable one to gauge the reason for the baby's cry.

Is weight a factor for a late or risky pregnancy?

A. Yes, you need to reduce your weight to around 55kg which is the normal weight range for your height. Apart from your problems with conceiving, being overweight poses many other health risks. So with a regular exercise regime and diet modifications you will be able to increase your quality of life. Also, consult a doctor and check your hormone levels to rules out any imbalances.

My baby is getting darker. Will he regain is old color?

A. It is too early to determine the color of your baby's skin. It is normal for the skin color to vary initially but this will eventually become stable. Please remember that the color of your baby's skin does not reflect his health. If your baby is healthy, you need not worry about his complexion.

I don’t want to have an episiotomy (surgical cut in the vagina), when I deliver my baby. Is there anything I can do in preparation that will help me avoid one?

A. You could try massaging your perineum (the area around your vagina), at around 34 weeks. Daily perineal massage may increase the area's stretching ability, thereby minimizing the chances for an episiotomy and fewer natural tears.Try this technique yourself, with clean hands and trimmed nails, or have your partner do it for you. If you are doing it alone, have a large mirror handy so you can see what you're doing and to help familiarize yourself with your perineal area.Sit in a semi-reclined position in a warm, comfortable area, spreading your legs apart. Lubricate your fingers, thumbs, and perineal area with vitamin E oil (from punctured vitamin E capsules), pure vegetable oil, or personal lubricant. Don't use baby oil, mineral oil, or petroleum jelly Place your thumbs about 1 to 1 1/2 inches (to or just past your first knuckle) inside your vagina and spread your legs. Press down toward the rectum and toward the sides at the same time. Gently and firmly continue stretching until you feel a slight burn or tingling.Hold this stretch for about two minutes - until the tingling starts to subsideNow slowly and gently massage the lower part of the vagina back and forth, hooking your thumbs onto the sides of your vagina and gently pulling the tissue forward, as your baby's head will do during delivery. Keep this up for three to four minutes.Finally, massage the tissue between the thumb and forefinger back and forth for about a minuteBe gentle because a vigorous touch could cause bruising or swelling. During the massage, avoid pressure on the urethra (urinary opening) as this can lead to irritation or infection.Of course, perineal massage isn't for everyone and it may not help in every case. The most important thing you can do is to choose a Doctor who's experienced and comfortable delivering babies without doing episiotomies. Regardless of the type of practitioner you choose, discuss your wishes and expectations with your Doctor before the birth.