Contraction Timer

    • Do you think you might be going into labour? Here’s simple and easy-to-use contraction timer that automatically records the length and interval of your contractions.

      How to use it?

      • Click the "START" button when you feel a tightening sensation (with your hand on your belly or if you can feel it from inside). This is the beginning of the contraction.
      • Click the "STOP" button when your uterus completely relaxes again.
      • Repeat this for some time to check the interval of the contractions.
      • You should have a minimum of 6-8 readings recorded to know the pattern of the duration and frequency of contractions.
      • Duration is the length of your contraction. Frequency indicates how far apart your contractions are.

      Contraction Timer

      00 : 00 : 00Hr : Min : Sec

      Start Time Stop Time Length of Contraction Frequency of Contraction

      If the duration is more than 1 minute and lasts for less than 5 minutes.

      IT’S URGENT!

      your baby could pop out soon. It’s time to alert your doctor and go to the hospital.

      If your contractions are about 20 minutes apart and last for the same interval of time, you are in labor!


      There is no need to rush to the hospital, but do keep your doc alerted and hospital bag ready.

      The contractions are not at regular intervals.


      However, its better to  get it checked with your doc.

      How do I know that I am going into labor?

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