Why Cloth Nappies Are Better?

If you thought cloth diapers are passé, think again! They’re still popular and widely available in the market. And mind you, they’re not what they used to be during our grandmothers’ or mothers’ generation. They’ve come a long way since being a single piece of cloth. Cloth nappies, these days not only come with a wide choice, but they’re a lot more advanced with higher absorbing capacity.

Well, if you were to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of cloth over disposable nappies, the first thing that would come to your mind is the convenience factor. Surely you don’t have to bother about the leaks and messiness with disposables. Cleaning and maintaining cloth can be a real drag. But go beyond this, and you’ll see why investing in cloth nappies makes much more sense than buying disposables.

Here are some solid reasons to use cloth nappies

They’re cheaper: It goes without saying that buying cloth diapers make huge savings. Let’s not get into the economics of it, but even if you make savings on buying disposables in bulk, it’s still far less expensive to purchase and maintain cloth. And yet again, the cost savings are dramatic, when you re-use them.

They’re eco-friendly: Did you know that, a diaper could take around 200-500 years to decompose! Which means, the toxics released by them, will affect your childrens’ generations long after you’ve gone.

A cloth diaper is far more sustainable. A good cloth diaper that is cared well for can be re-used and can last through 2-3 children.

They’re good for your baby’s skin: The natural fibres in cloth diapers allow for easy airflow than the plastic in the disposables. This is important, because it avoids heat build-up which could affect the scrotal temperature in boys; it also prevents yeast growth in girls which could cause urinary infection, thrush and other yeast-related issues.

Unlike disposable diapers, cloth nappies are natural and non-toxic, so they’re not harsh on the baby’s skin. So unless you’re careless, you’ll be battling less with skin rashes, sore bottom and other common problems arising out of using disposable diapers.

They’re Comfy: When diapers get soiled, skin tends to get hot and sticky due to the combined effect of the body heat, moisture and uric acid. In the case of cloth diapers, there’s better airflow that allows moisture in the baby’s skin to evaporate faster – thus, leaving your baby dry and comfortable and less prone to diaper rash.

Potty training becomes easy: Disposable diapers give the baby a totally dry feel. So the wet feeling is never felt. In contrast to this, when you use a cloth diaper, the wet sensation is immediately felt. This comes in handy when you’re potty training the baby. Since there is already an instinctive knowledge of the wet and dry feel, it becomes easier and quicker to potty train.

They’re Cool: Cloth diapers that needed pins have long become redundant. Modern cloth diapers come with convenient velcros and snaps. They also come in pretty colours and bright designs in contrast to the drab plain whites of yesteryears.

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