My Hyper Toddler!

We actually have a very strange problem. Our son Rajiv is now three years old and is in perfect health. We are very happy with the way he’s growing and learning everyday. The problem is that Rajiv is very naughty. Many people have advised us that naughtiness is a good thing and indicates a healthy child. Some people have even told us we’re lucky to have a naughty child because of the endless hours of entertainment. But the truth is that it is exhausting. He’s at the age where he needs to explore and investigate everything. I’m not worried about him damaging our things. I’m very worried that he will hurt himself. Because of this I follow him around like a shadow and end up tiring myself out completely.

Lately we have tried a new strategy. We switch off the lights in all the rooms expect the living room and we both sit down and chat. Because Rajiv is afraid of the dark, he doesn’t venture far and stays within the living room. This works well for us whenever we need some rest and relaxation. But now I am filled with guilt. I feel like I’m fueling his fear of the dark and instead of encouraging him to get over it, I’m using his fear to my advantage. I feel like such a bad mother. I don’t know what to do. If I just let him run wild, I’m too tired to be a decent mother anyway. I feel so helpless! What do I do?

3 thoughts on “My Hyper Toddler!”

  1. Hi,
    Dont feel that you are doing unjustice to your son. This happens to all mothers. Taking care of a toddler is not an easy thing remember.

    My son is one and half years old. He is also naughty and makes me tired very easily. My son loves books. At times when I feel tired, I make him sit with me with a book in hand. We say our kids are unmanageable. But are we able to see them lying down silently when they are ill? Even if he is silent for sometime, we tend to make sure if he is alright. Help him to get rid of his fear. At the
    same time try to get him involved in some other things like books, music etc.

  2. you’re absolutely right hanu.. i would not be able to bear it if he was sitting still if he’s sick! I guess we have to learn to not put so much pressure on ourselves!

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