The referee explained in detail in the minutes of the match why he had sent off the Argentine

The referee explained in detail in the minutes of the match why he had sent off the Argentine

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Caparrós no longer made reference to dentists or tributes, although he started smiles again: “The match has been good for us, they gave us a little sugar after the match against Sevilla [Levante had won 2-3 at Sánchez Pizjuán ] and now the sugar state, after the victory, goes down ”. Barça ended up losing the Cup (in the Mestalla final against Real Madrid, 1-2) and the League (won by Atlético de Madrid at the Camp Nou). Levante finished the regularity championship in the temperate zone (tenth).

Leo Messi was a starter in the final of the Super Cup and ended up being sent off in the final minutes of extra time for a slap at Villalibre without a dispute for the ball. The VAR notified Jesús Gil Manzano, he went to review the action to the monitor and did not hesitate to get the red card from the Argentine. A Messi who left the field crestfallen under the watchful eye of Ronald Koeman.


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Spain Supercup Leo Messi

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What referee Gil Manzano’s report said about Leo Messi’s red card

The referee explained in detail in the minutes of the match why he had sent off the Argentine. He wrote the following: "In the 120th minute the player (10) Messi Cuccittini, Lionel Andrés was sent off for the following reason: Hitting an opponent with his arm using excessive force while the ball was in play but not at a distance from being played".

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The forward did not protest Gil Manzano’s decision and now awaits a sanction that can range from four to twelve games, since it is considered a serious infraction typified in Article 98 of the Disciplinary Code. This expulsion in the final of the Super Cup is the first for the Barça forward in the 753 games played to date with the Barça shirt.

From today Monday until the decision of the RFEF Competition judge, Carmen Pérez, is known, much will be speculated about the possible punishment for Leo Messi.


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Spain Supercup Leo Messi

A sanction that initially can never be considered as aggression then implies practically discarding the four games as a result of the throw in the final moments of Leo Messi’s game with Villalibre.

Expulsion that occurred after Hernández Hernández notified Gil Manzano from the VOR room and he reviewed the action on the pitch monitor. 

The key is in the writing of the arbitration certificate of Gil Manzano himself and that says the following verbatim:

"Messi Cuccittini, Lionel Andres was sent off for the following reason: Hitting an opponent with the arm using excessive force while the ball was in play but not at a distance from being played".

The essential part is when you refer to "hit an opponent". Here the referee omits the word attack in addition to adding that the ball was in play, as it happened. 

Messi left expelled from the final

| Valentí Enrich

This means almost discarding the minimum of four parties that Article 98 of the Disciplinary Code establishes, since in its drafting it uses the word attack, something that does not appear in the writing of the minutes. The text of the article is as follows: 

“Attacking another, without causing injury, considering as a determining factor of the fraudulent element, necessary in this offense, the circumstance that the action takes place while the game is stopped or at such a distance from where it is developed that it is impossible to intervene in a set of that one, it will be sanctioned with suspension of four to twelve parties ”. 

This leads us and clearly leaves open the option of applying the 123 relative to violence in the game and that says verbatim:

“Occur in a violent way during the game or as a direct consequence of any set of the same, provided that the action creates risk, but does not produce harmful or harmful consequences, it will be sanctioned with suspension of one to three games or for a period of up to one month”.

In addition, in the second point of the same article, it says that “If the action described in the previous paragraph occurs outside the game or with the game stopped, it will be sanctioned with suspension of two to three games, without prejudice to the provisions of article 98 of this Code ”.

"Messi is still the best in the world"

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It seems clear that this last point is similar to that described by Gil Manzano in his arbitration act and that it gave rise to the first expulsion of Leo Messi in Spanish football. 

It would start from a minimum of two encounters and a maximum of three. Being precisely the first time that Leo Messi is expelled, the disciplinary body always tends to punish with the lower scale. Then the normal thing is that they are two parties those that Leo Messi is lost finally. 

Minimum of two matches

The two encounters are safe because the same Disciplinary Code makes it clear that:

“Direct expulsion during the course of a match will entail the imposition of the suspension sanction for at least one match, unless the fact constitutes a more serious offense, with the corresponding pecuniary accessory.

In those cases in which the expulsion from the field of play is due to situations in which the footballer has not had the possibility to dispute the ball, the suspension will be for at least two games ”.

It will begin to fulfill it from the next game

Whatever the number of matches, it will begin to fulfill them from next Thursday in the Cup as stated in point eight of article 56 on compliance with sanctions.

In this case, as it is the Super Cup tournament, it is not conditioned by gravity but begins to be fulfilled immediately:  

“The suspension for matches that is a consequence of the Spanish Super Cup regardless of its severity, will imply the prohibition of lining up, acting, accessing the pitch, the bench and the changing room area, in as many times as the sanction for the order in which they take place, although due to calendar alteration, postponement, repetition or any other circumstance, the pre-established at the beginning of the competition would have changed ”. 

Then he would begin to meet this Thursday against Cornellá in the Cup and next Sunday in the league commitment against Elche. If there were three, he could complete the third in the eighth cup, if Barcelona passes the tie, or the next league match precisely against Athletic Club de Bilbao.

The capital sins of Barça in the final

It will be decided by the Competition judge, Carmen Perez

This decision does not depend on the Competition Committee. All the allegations that the club sends, go to the RFEF Competition Judge, Carmen Pérez.

Messi, expelled: history of a satiety

"Messi is still the best in the world"

As it is a competition organized by the RFEF, the three members of the Competition do not participate, but rather the head of the federation in disciplinary matters. The same happens with the Copa del Rey

Ernesto Valverde bet on a classic eleven despite the fact that this forced him to use six players (Piqué, Alba, Busquets, Messi, Suárez and Dembélé) who had not 1xbet streaming played a single minute in the preseason. A risky option at this point in the season and, especially, against a team (Sevilla) much more shot.


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Spain Supercup VAR

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Sevilla 1-2 Barcelona: Ousmane Dembele brings home the Super Cup


Spain Supercup




Sevilla FC

Vaclik; Navas, S. Gómez, Mercado (Ben Yedder, 85 ‘), Kjaer, Escudero (c); Banega, Roque Mesa; Sarabia (Sarabia, 71 ‘), Franco Vázquez and Muriel (André Silva, 60’).

FC Barcelona

Ter Stegen, Semedo, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba; Busquets, Rafinha (46 ‘), Arthur (Coutinho, 53’); Dembélé (Arturo Vidal, 86 ‘), Messi (c) and Luis Suárez.


1-0 min.9 Sarabia after receiving an assist from Muriel; 1.1 min. 41 Piqué takes advantage of a shot to the post from Messi; 1-2 min. 79 Dembélé with a whiplash from outside the area


Carlos del Cerro Grande (Col. Madrid). He showed yellow cards to Busquets (15 ‘), Roque Mesa (67’), Ter Stegen (89 ‘), Lenglet (90 + 2), Aleix Vidal (90 + 4)


Grand Stade of Tangier.

And that better physical condition of the Andalusian team was reflected in the 9th minute. A loss from Barcelona was used by Muriel to surprise the two Barça centrals (Piqué and Lenglet) and give Sarabia to beat Ter Stegen with a cross shot . The referee initially annulled the goal at the request of the linesman, but the VAR certified that the goal was legal.

Barcelona woke up from the hand of Messi in the following minutes. The Argentine, more than ever in the role of passer, threw the team behind him. And Barcelona touched the goal in two almost consecutive actions. First with a shot from Leo that Vaclik cleared and then assisting Alba but the shot from the side saved him again by the Sevilla goalkeeper.

Barcelona carried the weight of the game. Suárez (23) and Lenglet (26 ‘) again had opportunities but without success in the shot.

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