5 Quick-fix After-school Snack Ideas

Biscuit bhel

by Aruna Kamath

Pleasing a 3-year-old child is any day easier than satisfying a fussy 9-year-old – especially when it comes to food! Add to this, the endless demands of a finicky teenager whose taste buds are perennially craving for something exotic and special. It’s enough to test your patience and drive you up the wall.

When my mom sees me getting stressed about the kids’ menu, she’s quite amused (sometimes aghast).  She says, she’s doesn’t remember worrying about our food to this extent. Mealtimes were never an issue and we were quite happy to eat whatever was cooked and kept on the table. Of course, we also didn’t bother to ask, nor were we given an option. You eat what was made, or you go without food. If you didn’t like it, tough luck! Nobody bothered to fuss over you – or cook a separate dish. Sigh! If only our kids were that accommodating – and easy to please.

Well, even as I try my best to dish out something to please their palate, somehow I’m always lost for ideas when it comes to after-school snacks. Post-school is the time when the kids are ravenous and head straight to the kitchen expecting something ‘interesting’. While I do treat them with cheesy burgers and oily fritters once in a way, I’m  always looking for something quick, tasty and nutritious to keep their tummies full.

Here are some easy quick fix snack ideas for all ye moms who are having a tough time pleasing your rebellious kids. All these snacks can be ready in under ten minutes. They’re wholesome and guaranteed bring a big smile on your kids’ faces.  Go on, try them and see the result for yourself.


Corn Chaat – Crunchy, tasty, after-school surprise

 corn chaatIngredients
• Corn kernels – 1 cup, boiled and shelled
• Onions – 1 medium sized, diced
• Tomatoes – 1 medium sized, cut into tiny pieces
• Carrot – I small; grated
• Capsicum – ½; grated
• Chaat Masala powder – 1 tsp or as per your taste
• Fried Groundnuts – a handful; coarse ground in mixer
• Coriander leaves –
a couple of sprigs

• If you’re buying shelled corn kernels, wash them thoroughly and drain water completely.
• Toss in rest of the ingredients and mix well in a large bowl
•Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve immediately


Mayonnaise Sandwich – A perfect snack, when you’re oh-so-hungry

 mayonnaise sandwichIngredients
• Bread – 4 slices
• Carrot – one large, grated
• Tomato – one small, diced
• Corn kernels – a handful, boiled
• Mayonnaise – 2 tbsps, or more (as required)
• Chilli flakes – as required
• Salt to taste

• Butter one side of each bread slice
• Mix together, grated carrot, tomato, corn kernels, mayonnaise, chilli flakes and salt
• Spread this on the unbuttered side of the bread slice and place one more slice on top of this
• Yummy sandwich is ready

Biscuit Bhel – Wholesome and lip-smacking good

 biscuit bhelIngredients
• Salty biscuits of your choice – One pack
• Onion – 2 medium sized, diced
• Tomato – 2 medium sized, chopped into small pieces
• Red chilli powder – 1/tsp
• Chaat masala – 1/2 tsp
• Sev – a handful
• Salt to taste
• Coriander – to garnish

• Crush the biscuits coarsely, in large bowl. Don’t powder it
• Add chopped onions, tomatoes, chili powder, salt, chaat masala and mix well.
• Garnish with sev and coriander leaves and serve immediately.

Fruit Chaat – High on nutrients, low in calorie

 fruit chaatIngredients 
Fresh fruits of your choice cut roughly into largish cubes
• Banana
• Papaya
• Apple
• Grapes
• Pineapple

• Chaat Masala
• Roasted Cumin Powder
• Pepper powder

• Combine all the fruits in a large bowl and toss them well along with spices
• You can serve immediately or chill before serving

Biscuit Canapés – No one can eat just one

biscuit canapes

Salt /Cracker biscuitsof your choice– one packet
• Chopped vegetables of your choice – capsicum, tomatoes, onions
• Corn kernels – boiled
• Tomato ketchup
• Cheddar Cheese– 3-4 tbsps, grated
• Coriander leaves– for garnishing

• Take a few biscuits
• Top it with the chopped biscuits
• Sprinkle with grated cheese
• Add a dollop of ketchup and garnish with coriander

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