Things to keep in mind before hiring a nanny

Finding the right nanny can be quite a stressful job. It’s not a decision you can take overnight. You have to weigh a lot of options and consider a lot of thing to make sure she’s the one for you. After all she’s going to spend a lot of time with your baby when you’re away. So it’s important that she has the right qualities and temperament to handle your child to your child, and give love and care in a similar way that you would. So it’s important that you don’t take decisions in a hurry, no matter how desperate you are.

Here are a few things to consider before hiring a nanny:

Do a thorough background check: If you’re hiring through an agency, a basic background check will be done for you. However, most agencies don’t go beyond checking the criminal record and doing a superficial check of her whereabouts. So it’s not a good idea to trust the agency completely. If you’re not using an agency, it goes without saying that you have to take the matter in your hands. A few investigations about where she lives and her family background are a must.

Choose a reputable agency: Approach agencies which are reliable and have been well established. So before you decide the agency, do talk to a few of your friends and family members and get their opinions too.

One of the advantages of going through an agency is they’ll help you shortlist the candidates according to your requirements. It also saves you’re the trouble of carrying out background checks. And agency also could help you sign a contract with the nanny.

Conduct a thorough interview: You have every right to know about your employee. Rmember, you’re hiring a complete stranger so it is important that you understand the person you are bring into your home. Find out all you can and all that you need to know – personal details about her and her family, her previous job experiences, her medical history, any additional qualifications etc.

Lay down the rules: Your prospective nanny should be able to carry out all the responsibilities and duties that expect of her. Be very specific and clear about the role she needs to play and the tasks cut out for her. Also spell out the job deadlines and their priorities – whether they need to be completed on a daily basis or weekly.  Make sure all these points are raised right in the beginning, during the interview, to avoid confusions later.

Do a personality check: Do you want to your child to be with someone who is glum and serious? Or you’d rather choose someone with a cheerful disposition, someone who will light up your house and who your kids will warm up to. Also remember, your nanny will be playing role model to your child. So making a wrong decision, may well have long-term impact on your child.

Get references: Nannies hired through agencies may come with references. If you’re hiring on your own, get some previous references from her previous employers. Avoid getting references from friends and families as you would mostly get good remarks.

Go by your instincts: If your heart says its not the right choice, but your mind is egging you to go ahead and hire her – don’t! Go entirely by your instincts. Sometimes, our decisions leave us hanging. The best way to come of this is to think with a clear mind and not jump to conclusions.

Have a trial period: Before confirming the chosen nanny, it will be a good idea invite the nanny over for a few hours to spend time with the child. This will help you find out if you’ve made the right choice and give you an idea of how well she fits into your family.

Remember you’re the employer. So you don’t have to make decisions in a hurry or make any compromises if it’s not working out for you don’t hire unless you’re completely satisfied.

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