Naturally lower BP during pregnancy

BP or blood pressure needs to be in constant check during pregnancy. This is a known fact, but how to naturally keep the BP under control during pregnancy?

Every challenge we face in health area could be the combination of both physical and emotional well being. Therefore, addressing them on these two levels helps us to naturally control them.

For BP during pregnancy, both the physical and emotional well being of the mother greatly matters.
These are some of the steps which we can use to naturally lower BP:

1. Take control of your body: By specific muscle relaxing exercises, physical stress can be controlled, thus allowing us to relax. Progressive relaxation of muscles also helps pregnant moms to relax.

2. Less salty diet: Extra intake of salty foods needs to be reduced, so that they don’t raise the BP levels. Ensure to eat fresh green vegetables which have natural sodium and try to cook with less salt. Fried foods and processed foods could have loads of salts, so just go for fresh foods.

3. Fight against emotional stress: Any sign of worry, anxiety, fear can manifest as emotional stress, thus causing BP to raise. Deep breathing techniques to calm your body and mind, and increase in oxygen levels greatly help in eliminating stress from your system.

4. Plan yourself: Engaging in right activities, scheduling your week, planning your day, would definitely bring down your tension levels.

5. Resolve conflicts: Solve your internal conflicts by expressing, writing down, clarifying with an expert and bring peace to your doubts.

6. Listen to yourself: Don’t exert or overdo things when you get a message from body and mind that you are tired / exerted. But listen and give it some time to relax.

7. Adequate rest: Take adequate rest and sleep well to start your day fresh. Sleep rejuvenates and keeps you energetic when you wake up.

8. Creative visualization: Spend some quite moments visualizing yourself with baby, in middle of some natural scenery which you might love. This helps in bringing serenity to your body and mind.

9. Relax: Listen to a soothing music, gently touch your womb, bond yourself with baby, enjoy the music and relax.

10. Be a watcher: Move a bit from being serious, spend some time playing with your pet, watching the beach, or watching people on the road, just like watching a movie, you might feel refreshed.

11. Self affirmative words: Keep repeating words like relax stay cool, its ok, no worries, might help you to stay cool.

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