A Princess for Nine Months

I know I’m going to be an awesome mom! There’s an 8 year difference between my younger sister and me, and in many ways she was my little baby when we were growing up. Whether it was getting her all dolled up or holding her hand and helping her cross the street, I took on the mother figure role quite early in life and I’ve loved it. Now that I’m actually going to be a mother for the first time (my baby is due in 6 and a half months), I can’t even begin to describe the feeling! As clich├ęd as it sounds, life really is just so much more happier now! Even though I’m not really showing at this point of time and can’t see any major physical changes in myself, I’m already starting to see drastic changes in the people around me. And YES, I’m lovin’ it!

When we found out that we were having a baby, I wanted it to be a really special moment for my parents. They were really looking forward to becoming grandparents for the first time. So even after my doctor confirmed my pregnancy, I was still thinking of how to tell them. Two days after that my mom turned up at my doorstep with my dad and the rest of my family with balloons, sweets and food! They threw me a surprise party in my own home!!!! It turns out that my gynec goes to the same club as my dad and he had spilt the beans! It was so funny! I was trying to make the moment special for them and here they were falling all over themselves to make me feel special! I guess that’s what family is all about! Now I get pampered so much at home that sometimes it makes me laugh. If I even sneeze, my husband comes running from the next room to check if I’m ok. The other night I woke up to find him sitting and closely watching my face. He was having a quiet moment of affection for me and our little baby. It’s the most special feeling in the world.

There are times when I suddenly remind myself that I have to be extra careful now that I have a life growing inside of me. Then I have this mixed feeling of complete euphoria and even fear. It makes me feel so responsible.. that another life depends on me! But I choose to enjoy the feeling because the nothing that can match what I feel right now. It’s not a game of dressing up my baby sister anymore but still, I have been able to bring joy into my family and nothing can be more special than that! I hear women complain about the difficulties of being pregnant but I think I will miss being pregnant after my baby is born – I think I’ll miss all the love and attention! I’ll miss feeling like a princess!

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