22 ways to bring out the best in your child!

Diya loved to paint, doodle and do craft all the time. When she was barely six years, she replicated an intricate picture of an Indian Goddess from a local city magazine. At nine she had learnt the art of glass blowing and created many unique artefacts that dot her house even today. Now, Diya is a successful interior designer at a top architect’s firm. Both, Diya amd her parents are extremely happy about her professional choice and have no regrets ever. And the credit probably goes to her parents who recognized her talents and supported her all along to pursue her interests.

As a child, Diya never really excelled in academics. She had trouble with maths in school and Chemistry was the bane of her life. But this didn’t matter much to her parents because they knew their child was gifted in her own way. Academic success is certainly important. But it’s not everything. Somehow modern parenting psychology measures intelligence with high test scores.A child is considered gifted only when she excels in academics or school related skills. But researchers emphasize that nearly all children have innate talents which are expressed in many different ways. It could be music, poetry, sport, theatre, sketching, oratorical skill … whatever it is, parents play a crucial role in igniting their talents and strengthening their skills through experiences at home. Like someone rightly said, “All children are gifted, some just open their packages later than others.” Here’s how to bring out the best in your child, regardless of how his gifts are packaged.

  • Accept your child as she is
  • Allow your child her own space to discover her interest and keep a keen eye on what she chooses to do
  • What she does during her free time play, tells a lot about where her gifts lie.
  • Don’t expect perfection from the child. Allow her to learn from her mistakes. This will give her confidence to take risks while developing her skills.
  • Don’t push and pressurize your child to learn beyond her limitations. If you do so, the chances of her skills dying out soon are imminent as the child is stressed.
  • Work together on family projects. Shared creativity can spark off creativity and develop new talents.
  • There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations, but be realistic about them.
  • Keep your passion alive. This will influence and motivate your child.
  • Light-hearted gestures like sharing a joke or a humorous anecdote can go a long way in encouraging her creativity.
  • Allocate a special place for the in the house – her own creative corner – which will give her privacy to think and create.
  • Give constructive criticisms. Harsh comments may lead to the child giving up her talents.
  • Don’t restrict your child’s creativity to one area. Instead expose her to a variety of experiences. This may bring out new talent that you never knew existed in the child.
  • Have regular family time to play, talk, and listen to music. This can trigger creativity to a great deal.
  • Open up their minds and creativity by encouraging them to read
  • Listen to your child. There’s a lot it can tell about her interests.
  • Respect your child’s creations.
  • Stay patient and allow your child to develop her skills at her own pace.
  • Instill confidence in your child by telling her to believe in her capabilities.
  • Do things with your child in her area of interest.
  • Expose your child to books that will further an interest.   For instance, “how to” books for the “hands-on” learner.
  • Never compare your child with another talented child. This will lower her self-esteem and bring down her confidence levels.
  • Introduce your child to interesting and capable people. They can be major influences in their lives.
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