Make your own Fun Colours this Holi!

The festival of colours is upon us again. It time to fish out the old clothes and pichkaris and immerse ourselves in bright, beautiful colours! But for a change, why not make your own colours at home instead of buying them? Though ready-made colours are a convenient option they are full of toxic chemicals that could harm your skin. Natural colours on the other hand are a not only 100% safe, but a whole lot cheaper and fun to prepare.

Wondering how to go about it? Read on …


This is an unusual colour and not easily available in the markets. So go surprise your friends by adding this to the list.

  • To get this colour, you could boil tea/coffee powder in water. If you want a richer hue, you could use coffee.
  • Mixing betel nuts in water is also another option to get this colour.

Peachish orange

  • You can create this, soak a few strands of saffron in water for a few hours and later grind to make a fine paste.
  • To obtain a darker version of this colour, you could use the flowers of the Gulmohar Tree, better known as the Flame of the forest. The flowers need to be soaked overnight in water.

Rich Red

  • Mix red sandalwood powder in water to get a rich red hue.
  • Peels of Red Pomegranate boiled in water also yield a natural red colour.

Happy Yellow

Can we imagine a Holi without this bright sunshine colour? To get this colour:

  • Mix two teaspoons of turmeric powder and four teaspoons of gram flour. Both these ingredients have magical properties. Turmeric is antiseptic, while gram flour is a great cleanser.
  • Alternatively you could also use sun-dried petals of the Marigold. Crush them and dissolve in water to get this brilliant hue.

Fresh Green

  • The easiest way to get this colour is use mehendi leaves. You could either sun-dry them or use it fresh off the shrub. Either way they have to mixed and crushed with water.
  • Boiling neem leaves in water will also give you green with an unusual tinge. Neem has great healing properties and therefore is very beneficial for your skin.

Brilliant Blue

  • Dry Jacaranda flowers in the shade and grind them to get a natural, rich blue colour.

Pretty Pink

  • Slice beetroot and soak it in water for a while. This gives you a beautiful magenta. If you want a deeper colour, leave it overnight.
  • For a paler version of this colour, you could boil peels of onion in water. Remember to strain the water before using it to avoid strong onion smell.

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