How to get rid of Holi colours naturally and effortlessly!

Whenever i think of Holi, I am reminisced by my childhood days. It not only brings me lots of nostalgic memories, but makes me want to be a kid all over again!

Every year, my neighbours and I used to eagerly wait for this festival. It not only meant dousing and spraying each other with buckets of coloured water, but also playing pranks on people. We used to often creep up on unsuspecting people and splash colours on them … only to get cold, dagger stares in return.

Buying the colours was a whole ritual in itself. On the previous day, the entire gang would huddle up and make a list of things to buy.  Then we would collect money and head off to buy the stuff collectively.

The next day of course was a riot of colours and high pitched activity. We’d be out on the streets bright and early – in our oldest, throw-away clothes. After a fun-filled day of up-to-the-brim excitement, we would crawl back home, tired and hungry. The last thing we wanted to do was scrub ourselves clean to wash off the colours. But for my mom, this job would have been awfully painful and tiring.

Getting off the stubborn holy colours can be quite a task. My mom, much to my chagrin, used to insist on a few things that ensured the colours didn’t harm us. Here are s few of them. Even today I follow these, and believe me they work!

Before playing with the colours:

  • Smear a generous amount of oil (mustard/coconut/olive/almond) or any cream on your body. This will prevent colours getting into your skin as also help to easily wash off the colours.
  • Oil your hair too. Make sure you apply it right up to the scalp. The oil will act as a protective layer and prevent the colours from flaking your hair and scalp.
  • If you don’t want the colurs on your nails, be sure to apply a coat of nail polish.

After play

For your body

  • Never use hot water as it will solidify the colour. Stand under the shower and rinse your body thoroughly to remove as much colour as possible.
  • Do not scrub the colour off with soap. Use a mild cleanser and later moisturize with your favourite cream. Alternatively you can also take off the colours with a mixture of besan and milk.
  • To bring back the glow to your body, make a paste out of coarsely ground green gram and mix it with some honey, lemon juice and yogurt and use it as a body scrub. This will also help remove the oil easily.

For your hair

  • To clean the colours on your scalp, apply a paste of fenugreek and yogurt on the hair and scalp. Allow it for 15 minutes and rinse.
  • Applying egg yolk or yogurt and leaving it for half –an-hour could be an effective method to remove the Holi colours on your hair. After this you  could  use a mild shampoo and conditioner.

For your face

  • Use soaked amchur powder and avoid excessively washing your face as this can lead to drying and irritation.
  • To prevent itchiness, use a combination of glycerine with rose water on your face and rinse it with warm water.

These are some useful tips that I follow strictly even to this day. You too can try it. They’re harmless and effective.

Have safe and happy Holi!

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