Everybody likes Mom

You may love your mom or hate her or love-hate her in various shades in between, but the absolute truth is, you like her no matter what! Well, how can’t you? This is the woman who gave you the best part of her youth. She sustained you through the queasy first three month, the spells of light-headedness, the sleepless nights, worsening back pain, food cravings, the weight struggle and painful labour and all the months of restless care-giving that followed. The biological role of a mother – is that all there is to motherhood? No! As someone said, a mother is born only when the child is born. But it’s the emotional strings that bind her to her offspring that complete her bonding.

This blog is supposed to be a tribute to all moms on Mother’s Day. But what about all the other wonderful women who never gave birth but nevertheless nurtured and nourished other young lives they took into their comforting hands? Yes, this is about those mothers too, many of who have far exceeded the stereotypes and have made a mark for themselves.

They say motherhood is what completes a woman – and it’s true. Anyone who has gone through the pain of infertility, the battery of tests, the long waits in serpentine queues to see ‘specialists’, the poking, the prodding, hurtful words that pierce through the soul and an insensitive world at large knows the true value of what it takes to become a mother. Which is why, the bond between a mother and an adopted child is truly unique as the child was conceived in her heart, though not in her womb!

And there are many more women, who have voluntarily or due to circumstances never had any biological children, but have nevertheless been pillars of strength to those in need. They are mothers too – dedicated nuns like Mother Teresa, the mothers in India’s SOS villages, teachers and counselors who have been beacons of knowledge, caring bosses, unmarried or widowed aunts and single women bringing up their children admirably – these are heroic women we need to spare a thought for every Mother’s Day. Remember, they nurture and nourish and it’s their day too!

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