Mom- love that transcends all emotion

You’ll never meet anyone like her… my mother… she’s a one of a kind person. She’s stubborn, highly opinionated, nagging and not so broad minded … but still she manages to be my hero… a person so full of love, concern, life and passion. Sometimes I think of her as a big walking talking oxymoron!

I used to be the quintessential troublesome child. My dad worked abroad and mom, my brother and I lived here in India. Being a single working parent of two must have been hard, I have now come to realize.

As I grew, we had different opinions and I grew more distant from her. Like any other mother and daughter, we argued all the time. We still do (“,). But over time we began to respect each others opinions and space. And because of this, our relationship has turned out to be all the more special.

When I grew up and began to have responsibilities of my own I asked her how she managed it all, walking a tight rope, juggling so many responsibilities all the way. All she did was smile and say that I’ll learn the answer to that on my own someday. And after all this time, getting married and having a daughter of my own, I have finally figured it out. The answer is ‘love’, one little word that transcends all emotion.

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